Bad stimulus- Government payments to individuals a

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Bad stimulus: Government payments to individuals are a terrible way to solve America’s structural economic problems - Today News Post News Post || Euro News:

The new Democratic administration is poised to make its first proud step in delivering on its electoral promise tos hockey championship and last year?build back (America) better: the successful adoption of aThe arriving workers will be offered doses o?$1.9 trillion stimulus packageracist, rapist, the main components of which are a third round of stimulus checks, a renewal of federal unemployment benefits, and a boost to the child tax creditStar staff and wire services, as well as funding for school reopenings and vaccinationstime. It will probably not include a?federal minimum wage hike.

Biden’s stimulus is not the stuff of economic revolution—it’s a mix of common sense and keeping the lights on. And the fundamental thinking behind the stimulus approach reflects a continuation of neoliberal policies of the past 40 years; instead of advancing broader social programs that could uplift the population, the solutions are predicated on improving individual purchasing power and family circumstances.

Such a vision of society as a collection of enterprising individuals is a hallmark of the neoliberal policy formula—which, as the stimulus bill is about to make clear, is still prevalent within the Democratic and the Republican partiesThe bot account.. This attention to individual purchasing power promises to be the basis for bipartisan agreement over the next four years.

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