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During the past few months, a group of Year 10 students in Mallorca International School Crestatx have partaken in the annual Euro Parliament Conference Debate. They have researched, argued and discussed multiple significant topics and issues such as sustainable agriculture, rural development, fighting disinformation, job losses due to renewable energy and the EU’s response to COVID-19 and on Thursday the 6th and Friday the 7th of May, they coalesced with hundreds of other students from around the worldconstruction.

Since the end of January 2021, 9 students from Myschool have been heavily involved in this year’s Euro Parliament Debate. They have dedicated countless hours and a great amount of effort into writing legislative actsThe Games amid..., position papers and amendments; exploring the EU and it’s different political parties and their views, delving into the world of politics. Each pupil was assigned a MEP, a political partyforceoriginal, country and two separate commissions who they had to investigate and embody.

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