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Wuhan yujiatou building materials seized the fake Nippon Paint "xinshili"

Wuhan yujiatou building materials seized the fake Nippon Paint "xinshili"

June 14, 2007

[China paint information] the selling price of "Nippon" paint was actually lower than the manufacturer's supply price. Yesterday, the industrial and commercial investigation found that part of the "Nippon" paint in yujiatoute No. 1 building materials market was fake

On the 10th, some readers reported that some merchants in the market sold fake Nippon Paint, and then made an unannounced visit to the market. In the "Flying Tiger building materials business department", nearly 10 barrels of Nippon is due to its direct attack on the two pain points of the development of the new energy automobile industry: the endurance mileage and battery fast charging related products "new time tightening experiment is carried out on the pressure testing machine" (15 liters) and "Qi Deli" (18 liters) are placed in the store. The staff say that "new time Lili" is 140 yuan a barrel. After bargaining, the merchant says that the minimum is 120 yuan

report the matter to the personnel of yujiatou industrial and commercial office who are in charge of the "3.3" law. In 2016, the law enforcers have openly invested in more than 90 new lines. Through on-the-spot investigation with the professional technicians of Nippon, they determined that some of the paints were fake Nippon products, and seized 19 barrels of fake Nippon paints. Subsequently, law enforcement officers conducted a comprehensive spot check on the market and seized 20 barrels of fake Nippon Paint from five other stores

weichangli, the relevant person in charge of the brand Department of Nippon coatings (China) Co., Ltd., introduced that the selling price of "xinshili" in the market is generally 140 yuan, and the price of 120 yuan is not even available to agents, which is obviously a fake

chenchaoying, deputy director of yujiatou industrial and commercial office, said that he would make a detailed inquiry of six merchants to trace the source of fake goods

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