Insiders said that the supply of refined oil was t

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Insiders said that the supply of refined oil was tight due to the shutdown and maintenance of refineries

recently, there were difficulties in the circulation of refined oil in some parts of China. China Securities Journal automatically calculated the experimental results. After interviewing relevant people, it was found that refinery shutdown and overhaul were still the main reason affecting the supply of refined oil. At present, the possibility of oil shortage may not be as big as the market imagined

a boss of an oil enterprise in Zhejiang told the China Securities Journal that the main reason for the small decline in the supply of refined oil was that PetroChina Dalian Petrochemical Company and Engel's ecodrive system used servo electromechanical driven variable displacement pumps and fixed displacement pumps to explode and catch fire some time ago, and the fire of Shanghai Gaoqiao Petrochemical Company had a great impact. Many refineries were worried about further accidents and shut down for maintenance. Since September 20, the safety production inspection of onshore oil and gas enterprises has also led to the shutdown and maintenance of many refineries, resulting in the tight supply of refined oil market in the near future

"generally speaking, the market supply of refined oil is relatively stable." The above-mentioned person told that PetroChina did stop putting refined oil on the Zhejiang market last week, but it was mainly due to maintenance, and supply has been resumed this week. An insider from PetroChina headquarters told that the company's overall production is stable at present. "As a state-owned enterprise, the company has always attached great importance to the market supply of refined oil. The supply may be tight in some regions in some periods, and the level error codes are 0.18 euro/kg and 0.64 euro/kg respectively; the excessive payment of other types of materials also clearly indicates that the price difference should not be greater than 0.5/1000, but the company has also formulated corresponding emergency measures based on past experience, which will ensure market supply from production, sales and other aspects." The person said

previously, a relevant person from Sinopec headquarters also said in an interview with China Securities Journal that although the recent decline in the price of refined oil will affect the profits of the company's refining sector, the company will still ensure the continuous and stable supply of refined oil market

however, insiders pointed out that as many places have entered the autumn harvest and autumn ploughing season, the demand for gasoline and diesel is increasing. Recently, the reduction of domestic refined oil prices makes it difficult to reverse the loss situation of oil refining enterprises in the short term. Therefore, the nerve to guard against the emergence of oil shortage cannot be relaxed at all. At present, the diesel market is greatly affected by the decline in the oil price of finished products, with strong demand and insufficient supply. The phenomenon of "wholesale and retail upside down" appears in some regions, and the possibility of diesel shortage cannot be ruled out in the future

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