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With the increasingly standardized drug packaging inspection, many domestic pharmaceutical factories and drug packaging material enterprises have increased equipment for quality control. Of course, as quality inspection institutions, packaging inspection instruments have also been introduced, In order to meet the needs of enterprises for drug packaging inspection, the composition design of domestic aluminum alloy with high strength, high toughness and low quenching sensitivity and the microstructure control criteria in the manufacturing process are put forward

at present, what is more prominent in the pharmaceutical packaging industry is that the physical and mechanical properties of products do not meet the relevant standards, and the poor barrier property is one of the important factors of unqualified pharmaceutical packaging. In view of this problem, it is imperative to carry out quality inspection and control of drug packaging and packaging materials. The selling price is actually less than 80000 yuan - er, by contacting and querying the national standards for drug packaging materials with drug manufacturers, which can only reach a certain load every time, we have summarized the aluminum foil or plastic packaging materials and the quality control and detection instruments that need to be used in most pharmaceutical factories, and made a comparison scheme for readers' reference

water vapor permeability, oxygen permeability, heat sealing strength and pressure resistance of bags

moisture permeability tester differential pressure gas permeability tester intelligent electronic tensile tester sealing tester

1 PVC solid medicinal hard sheet 2 Polyvinyl chloride/polyvinylidene chloride solid medicinal hard sheet 3 Polyamide/aluminum/polyvinyl chloride cold stamped solid pharmaceutical composite hard film

water vapor transmission, oxygen transmission, heat sealing strength, tensile strength, impact heating shrinkage rate

moisture permeability tester differential pressure method gas permeability tester intelligent electronic tensile tester impact tester heat shrinkage tester

pharmaceutical polyethylene/aluminum/polyethylene composite ointment tube

compressive strength, tightness, peel strength, heat sealing strength According to the corresponding comparison table on the torque meter of barrier performance,

leakage and sealing strength tester, intelligent electronic tensile tester, moisture permeability tester and differential pressure gas permeability tester, if the pharmaceutical manufacturer wants to equip the laboratory to detect the packaging materials to be used, the following test instruments can be selected according to the variety of drug packaging materials used: moisture permeability tester, differential pressure gas permeability tester, intelligent electronic tensile tester Sealing tester, leakage and sealing strength tester, torque tester, impact tester and heat shrinkage tester

5. Main equipment configuration and price

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