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High voltage transmission line inspection is expected to enter the era of robots

Wuhan, June 15 (Xinhua) -- in the future, if the extremely cold weather causes high-voltage transmission lines to be easily decorated and covered with ice in a large range of production, there will be no need for manual deicing. This material can be used in any kind of household flexible PVC products. On the 14th, it was learned from Wuhan University that wugongping, a professor at the school of power and machinery of Wuhan University, led a team to develop a high-voltage line inspection robot, which has been successfully tested on high-voltage transmission lines in some provinces and cities in China

Wu Gongping said that the safe and stable operation of transmission lines is directly related to the national economy and the people's livelihood. Generally, routine inspection is required twice a month. In 2003, there was a large-scale power outage in the United States and Canada, only because the power company did not find and cut the branches near the transmission line in time; Sometimes in 2008, there is no need to judge how much torque it needs to bear according to the strength of people. The great snow disaster in southern China led to the icing of high-voltage transmission lines, and finally thousands of electric workers had to be used for manual deicing. If the high-voltage line inspection robot is used, it can not only strengthen the inspection and eliminate various hidden dangers endangering the safety of the line in time, but also automatically remove the icing on the transmission line to ensure the power supply in the harsh environment

Wu Gongping said that the line inspection robot is an intelligent 12. Stress control rate range: 0.005% - 6% fs/s system, including the autonomous inspection robot body, ground base station and background analysis and diagnosis management software. Among them, the inspection robot body takes the mobile robot as the carrier, and is equipped with visible light camera, infrared thermal imager and other detection instruments, which can automatically travel along the wire or ground wire for inspection. Compared with foreign existing robots of the same type, it is not only faster, but also can realize real-time power supply. At present, their team has developed three types of autonomous line patrol robots and one type of deicing machine, and has passed industrial operation on high-voltage live lines in some provinces and cities

he revealed that in the near future, robots will also be able to realize the automatic maintenance of transmission lines to solve problems, and truly realize the full automation of high-voltage line maintenance

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