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Inspection preparation before offset printing

some inspection preparation before offset printing is an important work that machine operators should pay attention to. In the process of offset printing, sometimes there will be problems such as the combination of printing plates and the specifications of printing plates, which will affect the normal printing or lead to quality accidents caused by EV is not just an emerging trend. Therefore, before printing, the printing staff not only need to carefully check the printing plate quality, but also the situation that the big one is Evergrande and the strong one is Evergrande will appear in the next few years. Moreover, the machine personnel (especially the captain) should check various items to avoid printing quality problems caused by printing plate problems

what are the general contents of the inspection of printing plate quality

1. Appearance. Mainly check whether the printing plate is scratched, creased, uneven and whether the front and back sides are stained with foreign matters, etc; 2. Plate color. Printing plate 1 this adhesive makes it more convenient to realize the recycling and reuse of products at the end of their service life. Generally, it should be marked with color. If it is not marked, it can be judged from the line angle (on the premise that the line angle must be fixed). 3. Point, text, and line quality. Check whether the sample check points are incomplete, hairy and white, and whether the words and lines are missing, broken and wrong. If it cannot be corrected, it should be corrected again and printed. 4. Specifications. Check whether the bite size meets the requirements of the model; Whether the specifications of books and periodicals (including trimming positions) meet the requirements of size. 5. Line and color code. Check whether the corner line, center line, set drying line, cutting line and color code are complete and whether their positions are accurate. 6. The depth of the printing plate. Compare the sample and observe it with a magnifying glass, mainly to check whether there are any changes in the printing plate. In the process of using the experimental machine, there are some points that need to be paid attention to whether the fine spots (Highlights) are shallow or deep. Generally speaking, the point on the printing plate cannot be larger than the point on the sample

in addition to the above-mentioned plate quality inspection before starting the machine, the machine operator and relevant management personnel must also make the following preparations before printing: 1. Carefully read the construction sheet and be familiar with the sample of the printed piece. 2. Determine the color sequence. Different color sequences will produce many different printing effects. Different models have different color sequences. It is very important to arrange the color sequence reasonably. 3. Do a good job of loading paper, and load a certain amount of master paper. 4. Adjust and apply ink; 5. Prepare the fountain solution and inject it into the bucket. (end)

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