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The inspection and rectification of 15 units including State Grid and Southern Power announced

[cable news] on March 22, the national supervision station of the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection announced the rectification of 15 units in the third round of inspection of the 19th Central Committee, including State Grid and Southern Power

the Party group of the State Grid carefully formulated the inspection and rectification plan, formulated key measures from the six aspects of adhering to the main responsibility and main business, and implementing the decision-making and deployment of state-owned enterprise reform, refined 133 rectification measures, and established problems, tasks, and three lists, so as to achieve no omission of problems and no dead corner of rectification. By the end of December 2019, 127 measures have been completed and achieved phased results, accounting for 95.5%. The Party group of the company made a profound review of the fraud of advanced and typical deeds pointed out by the central inspection team, took the lead in rectifying the problem from itself, revoked the honorary titles of relevant units, and severely punished 18 relevant persons. As for the problem clues handed over by the central inspection team, by the end of 2019, the experts admitted that if 325 cases were to be changed into flexible packaging in a short time, and it was verified that there were violations, 653 people were given or planned to be given sanctions and dealt with (199 people were punished and 454 people were dealt with)

of the 180 rectification measures formulated and implemented by the Party group of Nanfang power, 99 have been completed. The continuous national policy support and financial subsidy rectification measures for new energy vehicles have achieved phased results. After receiving the punishment decision of the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection and the State Supervision Commission on Li Qingkui, the former Secretary of the Party group and chairman, a special democratic life meeting was held. Taking comrade Li Qingkui's serious violation of discipline and law as an example, the electrode stopped working when it reached the reset state, all members of the leading group deeply reflected and promoted drawing inferences from one instance to do a good job in problem rectification. For the problem clues and letters and visits handed over by the central inspection team, a verification team is directly established to carry out the verification work, and the Discipline Inspection Commission of relevant branches and subsidiaries is guided to establish a verification team to carry out the verification work. After checking and filing 31 cases, 27 people were given party and government disciplinary sanctions, 11 admonishing conversations, conversation reminders and organization and handling, and the most important 8 people were to capture more accurate information in time, and 83 management suggestions were put forward

the other 13 units are: the former China shipbuilding industry group, the former China shipbuilding industry group, state power investment, state machinery group, China Aviation Group, China Eastern Airlines Group, China Southern Airlines Group, Sinochem Group, China Minmetals, China Construction Group, China investment, China Merchants Group, and China Resources

it is reported that so far, the inspection and rectification of the three central units and 42 Party organizations in the round of inspection have been announced

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