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Promote intelligent manufacturing to improve system solution ability

promote intelligent manufacturing to improve system solution ability

China Construction machinery information can calculate the experimental speed in detail

insiders pointed out that "made in China 2025" and the "13th five year plan" will focus on the implementation of the manufacturing power strategy, and intelligent manufacturing is the top priority. The growth of labor costs in the manufacturing industry by more than 10% is the strongest fundamental factor driving the demand for intelligent manufacturing equipment. The 2016 special plan for intelligent manufacturing or one of the "X" first introduced after the "made in China 2025" will support the growth of the domestic intelligent manufacturing industry. In addition, policies such as supply side structural reform will support the growth of the domestic intelligent manufacturing industry

the action to improve the ability of system solutions is one of the important tasks put forward in the action plan of the Ministry of industry and information technology on implementing the guiding opinions of the State Council on actively promoting the "interconnection +" action (2015-2018). It is the key infrastructure to support the development of intelligent manufacturing and the core to promote the industry to improve the level of intelligent manufacturing

at present, a new round of global industrial revolution has arrived, and the United States and Germany have successively issued a new generation of industrial development strategies. In the "recommendations for the implementation of German industry 4.0", Germany proposed to build a platform, namely "information physics system platform", and carried out the information physics system (CPS) test work, and built the world's first CPPs laboratory that has been put into operation. The United States has started CPS research since 2006, continuously increasing project investment in CPS research, and established the CPS public working group (pwgcps) in 2014 to promote the reference architecture and standardization of CPS. CPS plays an important role in the process of countries seizing the commanding heights of the manufacturing industry

the main goal of China's CPS construction

to achieve the popularization and application of CPS core technologies and standards and key industries, and to improve the soft power of industrial foundation and the ability of intelligent manufacturing system solutions are the key tasks and core contents to promote the deep integration of interconnection and manufacturing. China needs to follow up and systematically arrange relevant technologies, standards, patents and applications in time to seize the initiative of development

build the basic technology system and standard system of the manufacturing industry according to the "system promotion" method, speed up the standardization research, take the breakthrough and industrialization of key technologies as the main line, take the test and verification of advanced technologies and systems and the application demonstration of the industry as the support, take the overall improvement of the soft power of the industrial foundation and the ability of system solutions as the goal, and on the premise of ensuring the safety of the industrial system, Form a number of CPS based intelligent manufacturing system solutions that can be applied to key industries, lead the development direction of manufacturing applications, technologies and standards, and promote the implementation of national strategies

in China's "interconnection +" action, the main objectives of CPS construction are: to improve the application level of CPS in key industries and form a number of industrial CPS application testing and verification platforms; Improve the ability of intelligent manufacturing system solutions, and cultivate more than 20 leading enterprises of intelligent manufacturing system solutions in the industry; Promote the development of industrial software enterprises. By 2018, the average annual growth rate of operating income of domestic industrial software backbone enterprises will exceed 20%; Further improve the industrial control safety assurance system

promote the research and development and industrialization of CPS key technologies

take the CPS standard system as the guide, and give priority to the research on basic key standards. Carry out CPS standardization research, build a CPS standard system around basic common standards, key technology standards and key field standards, and determine the road map to promote standardization. We should establish a comprehensive and unified understanding of CPS from the perspective of system engineering methodology, and give priority to formulating basic standards such as reference model and functional architecture; Carry out research on key technical standards such as industrial software, data and data link with innovative thinking to ensure effective, traceable and centralized management of data, bus interconnection and interworking of software, real-time, safe and reliable network communication, etc

take the research and development of key technologies as a breakthrough to accelerate the pace of industrialization. Focus on breaking through the key core technologies such as CPS physical simulation, real-time Ethernet, parallel computing, human-computer interaction, cloud computing middleware, system autonomy, system components, system security, and consolidate the technical foundation for the development of CPS. Develop full life cycle industrial software research and development that supports manufacturing design, process, simulation, control, manufacturing, management and services, and realize the application of digital and intelligent technologies such as dynamic perception of production process, virtual simulation optimization, real-time control, state detection and system adaptation. Promote the comprehensive integrated application of industrial software, industrial cloud, industrial big data, industrial network, industrial control security and intelligent machines, pay attention to the development and promotion of CPS basic theory, core chip, real-time Ethernet, embedded operating system, real-time database, system components, development language and tools, knowledge base and other systems and development platforms, and build CPS based industrial solutions

carrying out industrial CPS application testing and pilot demonstration

carrying out testing and verification is an important means to ensure the real-time, safety, reliability, compatibility and inter system certification of CPS, an important basis for verifying the feasibility of key technologies, and an important support and guarantee for comprehensively promoting the application of CPS in the industry. By setting up an experimental verification platform and test bed, all forces involved in the research and development of CPS are gathered to provide testing tools and establish a verification environment for the application of key technologies in CPS

for CPS oriented to industrialization, rely on third-party service institutions to carry out standard compliance testing and safety evaluation according to standards, technologies, regulations and other relevant provisions, so as to provide guarantee for the application of CPS in the industry. In key industries such as aviation, automobile, electronics, petrochemical, etc., pilot demonstrations of the application of CPS based system solutions will be carried out, and the system solutions with outstanding application effects and excellent evaluation will be promoted in the industry

improve the solution ability of intelligent manufacturing system

start the tensile strength tester to stretch the specimen at the rate of 20mm/min ± 5mm/min. The deployment and application of CPS is a systematic project, which not only upgrades and transforms the traditional production and manufacturing units, equipment, systems and factories, but also requires new subsystems and sub equipment in the system. Therefore, higher requirements are put forward for the design, integration and implementation ability of integrated service enterprises, Through the full cooperation among manufacturing enterprises, information technology enterprises and Internet enterprises, a system solution to meet the needs of users and the industry is formulated. Through the application of CPS' core technical capabilities in manufacturing units, production lines, workshops, factories and external collaboration, a number of industrial system solutions are formed to improve the comprehensive integration ability of industrial software, design tools, production equipment, industrial control equipment, industrial interconnection and other units, equipment and systems in CPS

strengthen the construction of industrial information system security assurance system

the construction of industrial information security assurance system is an important part of the protection of China's key information infrastructure and the cornerstone of the healthy and orderly development of "Internet +" manufacturing industry. Establish a safety standard system of industrial information system for information security, functional safety, intrinsic safety and public safety, carry out standard verification, and support industrial development from the aspects of management, technology, application, etc. Carry out information security inspection and risk assessment of industrial control systems in key areas. At present, China's automotive polyurethane should comply with the trend of downstream industry, develop information security detection tools, realize on-site detection and assessment capabilities, and support the safety protection work of China's industrial systems

support the R & D and industrialization of core information security technologies and products of industrial control systems, support the development of domestic technologies and products, and fundamentally solve the safety and reliability of industrial systems. Build an industrial information system security laboratory, support the establishment of information security simulation and testing platforms and detection and early warning platforms in energy, electric power, petrochemical, rail transit and other fields, monitor the risks of industrial systems, perceive the industrial control software and hardware exposed to the interconnection, and establish a big data risk correlation analysis platform to discover the security risks of interconnected industrial control software and hardware in time, which is of great significance to enterprises Carry out visual perception, early warning and emergency disposal of the risk situation of the industry and the country, and provide technical support for the network safety review, network safety inspection and other key work of the national industrial system

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