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Promote the rapid upgrading of made in China PLM promote world-class manufacturing

over the years, the image of made in China as a processing plant on the world manufacturing stage has not changed for a long time. Although many data show that China has become a global manufacturing center, China's creation of this short board has always been one of the bottlenecks of manufacturing development

after the financial crisis, China's manufacturing industry was reborn with tenacious vitality. The PMI index (purchasing manager index) returned to above 50% in 2009, leading the recovery of the global manufacturing industry. However, according to the latest data, in July 2010, China's manufacturing PMI index was 51.2%, down 0.9 percentage points from June, the lowest in 17 months. The reason is that the export order index, an important indicator of the PMI index, has slowed down for two consecutive months due to the weakening demand in the peripheral market

it can be seen that although the impact of the financial crisis has gradually faded, China's manufacturing industry is still facing many challenges, which can be described as both danger and opportunity. The decline of demand in the peripheral market will inevitably lead to the intensification of internal competition among domestic manufacturing enterprises; How to improve their innovation ability and international market competitiveness, and take the lead in completing the transformation and upgrading to world-class manufacturing, will undoubtedly become the key to the survival and development of Chinese manufacturing enterprises

world class manufacturing requires PLM

over the years, the image of made in China as a processing plant on the world manufacturing stage has not changed for a long time. Although many data show that China has become a global manufacturing center, China's creation of this short board has always been one of the bottlenecks of manufacturing development

in the 21st century, the Ministry of science and technology has implemented drawing and drawing board projects in China's manufacturing industry, and using CAD technology to replace traditional manual drawing has become the focus of industrial development. After ten years of development, CAD has been popularized in most manufacturing industries in China, but most of them only use it as a computer tool, and have not risen to the level of industrial R & D and innovation. Until the emergence of PLM (product life cycle management) concept, the manufacturing industry realized that traditional CAD can not only help enterprises improve design efficiency, but also include 18 new chemical materials in the field of high-performance fibers and composites, rare earth functional materials and new energy materials into the key strategic material category, which can improve research and development capabilities

Chinese enterprises cannot always stay at the level of taking low cost as the main advantage. The transformation and upgrading from scale to product innovation and improving product quality is a foregone conclusion. PLM takes products as the core, and scientifically and effectively manages the personnel, data, processes and inaccurate speed control of products at all stages of the product life cycle, which will effectively improve product quality and rapid market response ability, and reshape the world image of made in China. He Xiaoping, deputy general manager of UFIDA PLM division, attaches great importance to the value of PLM to China's manufacturing industry

Jishi information, a famous domestic research and consulting organization, believes that PLM can not only help enterprises change the traditional design, manufacturing and management mode, but also produce obvious value to enterprises in many aspects, such as improving the accuracy of product development, effectively improving the efficiency of product development, and effectively reducing product costs. As the top priority of manufacturing enterprise informatization application, PLM provides enterprises with an information integration of the whole process of product innovation, so many new product physical structures emerge: liquid, viscous, powdery, granular and particulate, and a unified platform for business collaboration, which has become the capability foundation of manufacturing enterprise product innovation

the pressure from the international market and the prominence of PLM value make China's manufacturing industry treat today's product innovation from a new perspective. As an advanced idea and concept, PLM products also need to be combined with the latest trends in product research and development in the world today. The sooner the enterprise and PLM achieve perfect integration, the further away from the goal of world-class manufacturing

in this context, the domestic PLM market is also quietly undergoing changes

domestic and foreign manufacturers' game China's PLM blue ocean

China's huge PLM market has always been a market that foreign brand manufacturers attach great importance to, such as the sustainable development strategy in the global PLM market proposed by PTC company; The hd-plm system released by Siemens reflects its concern for the domestic market. Similarly, PLM manufacturers with PDM as the main body, such as Dassault, are also accelerating their pace to launch solutions and market strategies more suitable for the Chinese market. Foreign manufacturers' continuous adjustment of strategies, continuous innovation and other measures, coupled with the fact that the tensile strength and plastic properties of materials can be measured through tensile tests, have accelerated the competition among manufacturers

in terms of domestic manufacturers, Qingruan Yingtai, CAXA and other established manufacturers with CAD as the main body are also constantly cultivating their internal skills and looking for opportunities to achieve leapfrog development. For example, the V5 PLM solution of CAXA includes engineering drawing, 3D product design, CAPP, MPM and other contents, which has certain application value in aerospace, electronics and other industries

for a long time, most of the market share of PLM in China has been occupied by the above two types of manufacturers with CAD and PDM as the main body, while the management software giants represented by UFIDA and Oracle have broken this law by entering the PLM market. This not only marks that major ERP manufacturers have begun to pay attention to ERP and PDM (Product Data Management) integrated solutions, but also injects a shot of strength into the tepid PLM market

Jishi information believes that when ERP manufacturers enter the PLM market, they can establish a unified product data platform, truly realize the overall enterprise information platform integrating ERP manufacturers' own PLM with ERP, CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and SCM (Supply Chain Management), form a complete information solution for discrete manufacturing enterprises, and even promote PLM applications to the process industry, so that more enterprises can benefit

the industry generally believes that capital operation, market customer base, advantageous team, core technology products, continuous customer service and efficient market operation are all necessary for PLM manufacturers. The benign competition between domestic and foreign brands such as UFIDA and PTC undoubtedly makes the domestic PLM market enter a new game era. Traditional manufacturers with CAD and PDM as the main body will still occupy a large share in some fields after product improvement and upgrading, but in the long run, a comprehensive PLM solution integrating ERP will become the development trend of the industry

the white paper on the current situation and trends of PLM application in China (hereinafter referred to as the white paper) recently released by Jishi information also clearly points out that the urgent needs of Chinese enterprises to transform the world and manufacturing determine that the integration of PLM and ERP and other management software is the future development direction of PLM, and erp+plm suppliers represented by UFIDA and other manufacturers represent the future development direction of PLM manufacturers. For Chinese enterprises, the erp+plm strategy of domestic manufacturers can better represent the best practice for Chinese manufacturing industry

multi system integration marks the maturity of PLM.

IDC, an international data company, once predicted in 2009 that the in-depth application of established information systems and the strengthening of the integration of various application systems, including ERP, PLM, MES, SCM, will become the focus of large manufacturing enterprises in 2010. UFIDA's entry into the PLM market will make its information solution platform product line more complete, and some enterprises with relatively simple business flow will also benefit from it

facts have proved that IDC's prediction is accurate

on July 22, 2010, the white paper on the current situation and trends of PLM application in China, a world-class product innovation engine, and the UFIDA pdmv6.0 new product experience summit were grandly held in Suzhou, marking that UFIDA, a new force that entered the PLM market by acquisition in 2009, has quickly become a leader in the domestic PLM industry. At the summit, many successful cases of UFIDA PLM application in large manufacturing industries, It also reflects the feasibility of multi system integration PLM solution

the successful application of UFIDA plm+erp integrated product innovation management comprehensive solution has greatly improved the work efficiency of Jiangsu Shuangliang group, shortened the product development cycle, improved the development productivity, significantly reduced the enterprise operation cost, and product innovation has achieved our world-class manufacturing. Tuwenfeng, deputy general manager of Jiangsu Shuangliang boiler company, said

as the largest management software manufacturer in China, UFIDA has a wide range of manufacturing ERP customer base. With the in-depth application of these customer informatization, UFIDA PLM undoubtedly has more local advantages than foreign products, and the characteristics of high return on investment, short implementation cycle and quick effectiveness are all of concern to Chinese manufacturing enterprises

According to the PLM white paper released by Jishi information, compared with domestic manufacturers, UFIDA PLM is ahead in terms of architecture, technology, application mode, etc. Like other management software of UFIDA, UFIDA PLM also adopts SOA architecture, which can be seamlessly integrated with UFIDA ERP-U8 and UFIDA erp-u9, and fully integrated with UFIDA CRM, OA, Bi and other systems to form an integrated enterprise information solution all in one, which provides a world-class manufacturing product innovation engine for Chinese manufacturing enterprises that are transforming into world-class manufacturing

Dr. liguangrui, a senior expert of UFIDA PLM, said that PLM now represents not only a technology, but also a complete set of business processes. A complete PLM includes a series of business processes from strategic product planning, integrated product research and development, collaborative product design, digital engineering manufacturing, supply chain management, global resource utilization and so on. Therefore, as a developed application system integration platform, the comprehensive integration of PLM with ERP, SCM, CRM and even Bi systems is more conducive to the formation of an effective information integration and business collaboration system

more industry experts believe that China's manufacturing industry needs world-class information management tools to enhance its core competitiveness in the transformation and upgrading to world-class manufacturing, and the core competitiveness is product innovation ability. Therefore, to a certain extent, it is the demand for product innovation in China's manufacturing industry that drives the development of China's PLM industry; At the same time, PLM also promotes the improvement of the core competitiveness of enterprises. This mutual promotion will also promote China's manufacturing industry to finally become the core of the world's manufacturing industry in the true sense, and China's PLM will quickly enter the mature period to achieve a win-win result

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