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The project of high-grade glass wine bottle with roasted white trademark

I. enterprise profile: Leliu office has fulfilled the punishment according to relevant laws and regulations. Ning'an Jinlong glass products Co., Ltd. is the only professional company in the eastern region of Heilongjiang province that fully mechanized the production of glass packaging bottles. With a production history of more than 20 years, it is a backbone enterprise producing daily-use glass products in the province, and its products are sold to the northeast. 2 The transmission part adopts arc synchronous toothed belt in three provinces and North China, which is deeply welcomed by the majority of users. The company has two branches and three production lines, mainly producing white materials and Baijiu and beverage bottles of various colors, with an annual output of 40million. After noting these three points, the company covers an area of 55000 square meters, a construction area of 15000 square meters, fixed assets of 13.5 million yuan, and now has 250 employees

II. Market Forecast: with the continuous improvement of people's living standards, consumers have higher and higher requirements for wine packaging bottles, and the traditional ordinary white wine bottles are far from meeting the market demand. According to the market survey, there is a great difference between foreign and domestic fine white materials with baked flower trademark, and high-grade wine glass bottles are blank in the three northeastern provinces, while more than 200 large-scale distilleries in the three northeastern provinces demand more than 100 million high-grade wine glass bottles with various fine white materials every year, and the market prospect is broad

III. construction scale: an annual output of 45million high-grade glass wine bottles with roasted trademark white material

IV. investment scale: the total investment of the project is 45million yuan

v. economic benefit prediction: after the completion of the project, the annual sales revenue of 75million yuan, profit of 13.5 million yuan, tax of 6.25 million yuan, investment profit rate of 30%, and investment payback period of 3.3 years can be achieved

VI. cooperation mode: joint venture, cooperation

VII. Contact method:

project construction unit: Ning'an Jinlong glass products Co., Ltd.

contact person: Lang Qingshan

Contact: 0453 -

(information source: window of Commerce in Ning'an County, Mudanjiang City, window of local business affairs)

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