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Providing newly designed bulk corrugated cartons

International Paper (IP) has signed a long-term cooperation agreement with Dow Chemical Company on bulk corrugated cartons in the fields of kitchen, bathroom, amusement facilities, building materials, etc., which are closely related to daily life. This kind of bulk corrugated cartons is a new product recently developed and designed by IP company, and its strength performance is far better than the traditional corrugated cartons, IP company designs the specifications of the packaging box according to the density and total packaging weight of Dow products, which saves a lot of costs for the whole supply chain of Dow

it is convenient and fast to use this kind of bulk corrugated box, and the packing unit will stop halfway after unloading. The weight of the bulk corrugated box is lighter than that of other packing containers. In addition, it is beneficial to improve the degree of standardization, adopt a perfect electronic information system, reduce mechanical wear planning and ensure logistics


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