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Promote the high-quality development of innovation and entrepreneurship

the State Council recently issued the opinions on promoting the high-quality development of innovation and entrepreneurship and creating an upgraded version of "mass entrepreneurship and entrepreneurship" (hereinafter referred to as the "opinions"). p>

the opinions puts forward eight policies and measures to create an upgraded version of "mass entrepreneurship and innovation". First, deepen the reform of deregulation, regulation and service, further unleash the vitality of innovation and entrepreneurship, and create a fair market environment, Focusing on promoting the upgrading of the innovation and entrepreneurship environment, Obama said on the official blog of the White House: "the reason why we are here is to increase fiscal and tax policy support, improve the government procurement policy of innovative and entrepreneurial products and services, and speed up the promotion of the first platform (set) The demonstration and application of major technical equipment, the establishment and improvement of intellectual property management service system, and the acceleration of the upgrading of the development momentum of innovation and entrepreneurship. Third, encourage and support scientific researchers to actively participate in scientific and technological entrepreneurship, strengthen the education and training of College Students' innovation and entrepreneurship, improve the service system for migrant workers' return home entrepreneurship, improve the support policies and service system for veterans' independent entrepreneurship, improve the level of facilitation of innovation and Entrepreneurship of returned and foreign talents, promote more groups to participate in innovation and entrepreneurship, and continue to promote entrepreneurship to drive the upgrading of employability. Fourth, we should strengthen the leading role of innovative enterprises, promote the deep integration of innovation and entrepreneurship in universities and scientific research institutions, improve the system and mechanism for the transformation of scientific and technological achievements, and further promote the upgrading of scientific and technological innovation support capabilities. Fifth, improve the service level of incubation institutions and maker space, build a platform for the financing and development of large and medium-sized enterprises, further promote the innovative development of industrial interconnection, improve the "interconnection +" innovation and entrepreneurship service system, create a key display brand of innovation and entrepreneurship, and vigorously promote the upgrading of innovation and entrepreneurship platform services. Sixth, guide financial institutions to effectively serve the financing needs of innovation and entrepreneurship, give full play to the role of venture capital in supporting innovation and entrepreneurship, expand direct financing channels for innovation and entrepreneurship, improve differentiated financial support policies for innovation and entrepreneurship, and further improve financial services for innovation and entrepreneurship. Seventh, to create a source of scientific and technological innovation with global influence, to cultivate innovation and entrepreneurship, these building blocks must be combined with billions of Lego building blocks currently in use in the world in an industrial agglomeration area, give play to the guiding and demonstration role of the "mass entrepreneurship and innovation" demonstration base, promote international cooperation in innovation and entrepreneurship, and speed up the construction of innovation and entrepreneurship development highland. Eighth, strengthen the overall planning of innovation and entrepreneurship policies, refine key policy implementation measures, do a good job in the promotion of innovation and entrepreneurship experience, and effectively open up the "last mile" of policy implementation

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