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Provide real value-added services - the exhibition area of 288 square meters in 2006 all print exhibition, which is the stage of Zhongshan Songde Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd., a professional manufacturer of complete sets of equipment in China's flexible packaging industry and a leading enterprise in the domestic flexible packaging industry, in 2006 all print exhibition; This is also the largest exhibition area for a single exhibitor of flexible packaging enterprises in domestic printing and packaging exhibitions in the past decade. It is reported that the company has already begun to actively prepare and is determined to offer high-level equipment with the latest technology to the audience at the 2006 all printing exhibition to win glory for China's packaging and printing industry

in fact, this is just the tip of the iceberg, and there are many enterprises that expect to show great achievements at the 2006 all Print Exhibition: beiren group reported an exhibition of 6000 square meters, which will show a complete set of printing, post press and packaging solutions to the industry at that time; Shanghai Electric Group Printing and Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd. applied for the exhibition of 8000 square meters, creating the largest exhibition area of a single exhibitor in the domestic printing and packaging exhibition; Lianqiang group launched a high-profile all print exhibition with a large area of more than 1500 square meters; Multivariate electric also made a strong debut with an area of 1100 square meters. In addition, domestic enterprises such as Sino German group, Yuanheng group, Shengli Weiye, Qingdao micron, zhenhenry, Ruian Haosheng, Weifang Huaguang, Yingkou Guanhua, Wutai Group, etc. have entered the 2006 all India exhibition with an area of more than 200 square meters

large scale participation indicates that enterprises will bring more updated equipment to the 2006 all print exhibition. It is reported that many manufacturers are preparing for the All India exhibition. When asked what equipment these enterprises were going to bring to the exhibition, they all showed a mysterious smile and said that they would keep it secret for the time being and only wait for a blockbuster on June 14

the giants in the international printing industry are also unwilling to be outdone. Komori and Mitsubishi have entered the international printing equipment museum with 600 square meters and 500 square meters respectively. Haier Engraving System Co., Ltd. of Germany will show an electronic engraving machine for packaging and printing cylinder engraving at the 2006 all printing exhibition, which can meet the requirements of various customers for gravure. It is the largest format engraving machine used in the packaging field at present. At the same time, Haier will also launch laser technology that can directly engrave on copper plates in 2006, becoming the only supplier in the world that can provide this type of technology

with the purpose of "full innovative value-added printing solutions", China International all printing exhibition has specially set up a flexographic exhibition area, and through the industry media of printing technology - special issue of packaging and decoration printing brushes, which is owned by keyin media and widely read by domestic flexographic label printing enterprises, it focuses on the flexographic exhibitors who are expected to recommend the full printing exhibition by 2025, and actively promotes the promotion of flexographic buyers at the same time. The establishment of the flexographic exhibition area has received the active support of many international flexographic label printing equipment manufacturers. The well-known flexographic brands such as Omet, Mark Andy, Xinmin sun, and hongtaixiang have all participated in the exhibition; At the same time, the organizer will also focus on inviting buyers who are interested in purchasing flexo printing equipment to visit the full printing exhibition, and introduce the future development trend of flexo label printing for the industry to discuss. At the same time of the exhibition, a professional international flexible gravure technology forum will be organized in order to attract more counterpart users

arrangements for audience organization and international visiting groups are also in place step by step. Germany, Italy, the United States, the United Kingdom, Japan, South Korea, Indonesia, the Philippines and other countries will organize groups to participate in or visit the 2006 all India exhibition. And relying on the favorable timing, location and people of the all print exhibition, the Australian TPP group specially placed the Asia Pacific printing and packaging equipment and materials procurement order fair during the all print exhibition. The ingrin foundation will also organize printing and packaging enterprises from developing countries to collectively purchase equipment at the all print exhibition

in order to make the service work better, the Organizing Committee of 2006 all print exhibition has carried out massive publicity and promotion activities in drupa, Germany, the 8th world printing conference in South Africa, print 05 in Chicago, the United States, Japan, Taiwan, China province of China and so on. No matter organizing the world's best and top-notch equipment, or organizing the world's most professional audience, and even the most powerful buyers, they all spare no effort and devote themselves to it. In Chinese Mainland alone, the Organizing Committee of 2006 all India exhibition left the footprints of promotion at more than a dozen professional conferences, large and small, in 2005. Now in the printing and packaging industry, the word "all Print Exhibition" has become the most popular word, and almost all people in the industry are familiar with it

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