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Promote the development of PS edition industry (I)

2002 is a year of continuous and rapid development of China's PS edition industry. In terms of traditional PS edition, there are roughly nine new lines under construction, of which four production lines have been put into production, and the production, supply and sales of PS edition are still booming. In terms of the new CTP version, many enterprises have paid enough attention to it. Some of them have begun to build or are preparing to build CTP plate production lines

the author summarizes the development of plate materials into ten major information focused and personal views, which are dedicated to the majority of readers

1. On November 28, 2002, Beijing Zhaowei Technology Co., Ltd. Tianjin Branch, which is an important foundation of biotechnology and biomedical engineering, the two pillars of modern medicine, held the launch ceremony of the second rolling PS plate continuous production line. The speed of the production line is 15 m/min and is coated with vacuum sealing layer. At present, in the case of oversupply of PS version in China and fierce market competition, the company has made great efforts to explore the international market. In 2001, the output ranked sixth in China, and the export ranked first in the whole industry, providing successful experience for China to explore both domestic and international markets after China's entry into WTO

II. On March 13, 2002, Fuji starlight Co., Ltd. held a press conference on new technological achievements in Beijing. The company is a joint venture approved by the General Administration of publication and jointly formed by Japan Fujifilm Co., Ltd. and the China Institute of Printing Science and technology, with a total investment of US $30million. The company is a strong alliance based on the combination of the advanced technology of starlight PS edition of the China Institute of Printing Science and technology and the advanced technology of Fuji PS edition. It is reported that Fuji Xingguang company has completed the technical transformation of the original production line in 2002, and launched many new models of PS versions, such as p-1m and VP, with high sensitivity, high resolution and hairy gas guide layer vps-a and hairy gas guide layer with large development tolerance, which are greatly welcomed by users. At present, the production line with a speed of 30 m/min under construction by the company will be put into operation in 2003. In addition to producing high-end PS version, this production line can also produce CTP version. At that time, the total annual output of the company will be increased by another 10million square meters. In addition, the original PS plate production line of the China Institute of Printing Science and technology has been technically transformed, mainly focusing on the small offset PS plates for light printing, which are urgently needed in the market. At present, the annual output of Xingguang brand small offset plates has exceeded 1million square meters

III. The CTP production line of the second film factory of lucky group was officially started in Nanyang City, Henan Province on September 12, 2002. In the mid-1990s, the factory followed the international advanced technology and successfully developed the CTP version with independent intellectual property rights. After trial production, the thermal CTP version began to prepare a large-scale CTP production line. At present, the construction of the production line has been listed in the national "double high school and one excellent according to the current design specifications" project, and trial production is expected at the end of this year. The output of PS version of the factory increased from 4.52 million square meters in 1996 to 14.86 million square meters in 2001, with an average annual increase rate of 26.1, which is 8% to strengthen standards and regulations. After the completion of the production line, the total annual production capacity of TP version and PS version will be increased by 11 million square meters

IV. the plate production base prepared by Kodak poly optical printing group (KPG) held a groundbreaking ceremony in Tianjin Economic Development Zone on July 8, 2002. This base is also KPG's operation center in China, covering an area of 3300 square meters. It is expected to be put into operation in 2003. At that time, thermal CTP plates will be provided for the rapidly developing Chinese market

v. the foundation laying ceremony of Longma science and Technology Industrial Park, which was prepared by Zhuozhou Longma Aluminum Co., Ltd., was held on December 26, 2002. According to Wang Xiaojun, chairman of the company, the science and Technology Industrial Park covers an area of 310 mu, with a total investment of 280million yuan. The park includes Longma Aluminum Co., Ltd. and Longma Materials Co., Ltd. Another three new projects are launched, one is a light steel structure plant with an annual output of 150000 square meters, the other is to develop computer direct imaging system plates and build a high-speed PS plate production line, and the third is a hot-rolled aluminum plate, aluminum foil production line and color coated plate production line with an annual output of 50000 tons. It is estimated that the park will take three years to complete. It shows that the park will develop to the combination of aluminum plate base and printing plate. (to be continued)

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