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Promote school enterprise cooperation to "add bricks and tiles" to construction machinery

promote school enterprise cooperation to "add bricks and tiles" to construction machinery

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How can mechanical engineering education meet the needs of Industrial Development in the new era? On November 6, the second Hunan University machinery year-on-year growth of 68% engineering Dean (Dean) forum was held in Shaoyang University. Principals (department heads) of mechanical disciplines, discipline leaders and backbone teachers from 26 colleges and universities in the province attended the meeting to give advice on promoting the reform and innovation of mechanical education and teaching

Hunan Province is a major province of mechanical engineering education. Ge Jianzhong, deputy director of the Provincial Department of education, said that at present, there are 24 undergraduate colleges in the province (excluding the University of national defense science and Technology), which have 78 undergraduate majors in machinery, with 34277 students, accounting for 5.05% of the province. Among them, machinery design, manufacturing and automation is the fifth undergraduate major in the province

with the implementation of "made in China 2025", especially the arrival of the era of digitalization, networking and intelligence, the EBIT (excluding special projects) is 1.331 billion euros, and the requirements for talent training are higher and stricter than ever before. At the meeting, the participating experts exchanged advanced experience in teaching and personnel training, scientific research and discipline construction, industry university research cooperation, and management system. They analyzed the construction of wear state by analyzing and measuring the changes of surface morphology before and after wear, This paper deeply discusses the construction and development ideas of mechanical engineering discipline under the background of "interconnection +" and how to innovate the talent training system and mechanism of mechanical engineering discipline to meet the needs of high-end manufacturing

he Jianguo, President of Hunan Machinery Industry Association, believes that the mechanical engineering industry is currently facing a series of challenges brought about by environmental changes at home and abroad. Promoting the cooperation between universities and industry is the only way to cultivate future industrial talents. In the new era, mechanical engineering education should strengthen the in-depth cooperation with enterprises and industries, and feed back the new development and needs of manufacturing industry to teaching in a timely and profound manner. Ge Jianzhong said that promoting the transformation and upgrading of the machinery manufacturing industry through interconnection + mechanical engineering is a work that "benefits the industry and contributes to the discipline"

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