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Promoting the development of artificial intelligence Shanghai released 22 new measures

on September 17, the 2018 World Artificial Intelligence Conference opened on the West Bank of Shanghai, and Shanghai released the "implementation measures on strengthening the promotion of high-quality development of artificial intelligence in Shanghai", from accelerating the construction of artificial intelligence talent team, deepening the opening and application of data resources, deepening the collaborative innovation of artificial intelligence industry, promoting industrial layout and agglomeration 22 specific measures were launched in five aspects, including strengthening government guidance and investment and financing support

the specific policies are as follows:

measures for strengthening the implementation of promoting the high-quality development of artificial intelligence in Shanghai

in order to deepen the implementation of the implementation opinions on promoting the development of a new generation of artificial intelligence in this city (hfbf [2017] No. 66), gather talents in the field of artificial intelligence, break through key core technologies, promote the demonstration and application of artificial intelligence, and speed up the construction of a national artificial intelligence development highland, Formulate the implementation measures on accelerating the high-quality development of artificial intelligence in Shanghai

first, accelerate the construction of artificial intelligence talent team

1. Accelerate the construction of artificial intelligence talent peak, include qualified talents and core teams into the city's talent peak project, allocate internationally competitive career development platforms, and improve the working system and social security

2。 Support local universities, scientific research institutions and enterprises to jointly cultivate AI talents, cooperate to set up AI professional courses, set up AI research institutes, establish talent training bases, and improve the accuracy of training applied scientific and technological talents

3。 Strengthen the coverage and application of the city's talent related policies, and gather all kinds of outstanding talents in the field of artificial intelligence. We will strengthen the selection and allocation of professional and technical personnel and skilled personnel

4。 We will support key institutions in the field of AI in the city to introduce all kinds of excellent talents, and encourage all districts to adjust measures to local conditions. 3) the number of experimental curve boxes can be selected from 1 to 3, and we can independently explore the guarantee measures for the life and employment of AI talents in the district

5。 Set up the Shanghai AI strategic advisory expert committee to demonstrate and evaluate the AI development plan, the implementation of major science and technology projects, and organize the research on AI strategic issues and major decision-making consultation

II. Deepen the opening and application of data resources

6. Speed up the introduction of the city's public data and one-stop management measures to realize the standardized collection, sharing and use of public data. Guide AI enterprises and other market entities to carry out data asset circulation and trading in accordance with laws and regulations

7。 Formulate an open list of public data resources, open data information in key fields such as education, medical treatment and tourism to AI enterprises in an orderly manner according to law, and build a large data training database for various industries such as document language, image graphics, environmental sensing and map location to meet the data needs of AI in-depth learning

8。 Optimize the supply of urban management scenario resources such as transportation, support the application and promotion of new technologies, new products and new models of local AI enterprises, form about 60 in-depth AI application scenarios, and build more than 100 AI application demonstration projects

9。 Support AI enterprises to participate in the construction of "smart Shanghai" action, and promote party and government organs, enterprises and institutions to improve service levels and business efficiency. Bring qualified AI products into the recommended catalogue of innovative products to promote the first purchase and application

third, deepen the collaborative innovation of artificial intelligence industry

10. Bring AI into the key areas of the city's strategic emerging industry experimental machine when it is loaded, and support the qualified major AI projects and platforms in accordance with the city's special fund management measures for the development of new industries

11。 For projects in the field of artificial intelligence that meet the key support directions, support will be given to the total investment of up to 30% and the total amount of up to 20million yuan in accordance with the implementation rules for the special support for the innovation and development of artificial intelligence in this city

12。 We will increase investment in research and development in the field of artificial intelligence and speed up the construction of Shanghai brain intelligence science research base. We will promote the construction of the National Innovation Center for intelligent sensor manufacturing, integrate key enterprises, scientific research institutions and other essential resources, accelerate breakthroughs in brain like intelligence theoretical research, man-machine hybrid enhanced intelligence, new intelligent algorithms and other fields, and carry out key common technology research such as intelligent perception, computing processing, and intelligent execution

13。 The electronic universal testing machine for thermal insulation materials supports leading artificial intelligence enterprises to establish headquarters in Shanghai, and encourages qualified enterprises or institutions to set up innovation platforms and incubation bases. Encourage AI enterprises to transform their offshore innovation achievements in the city, and regard them as domestic innovation achievements support in relevant aspects

14。 Hold major activities such as the world AI conference and innovation competition, establish the Yangtze River Delta AI innovation alliance, deepen the coordinated development of industries, and improve the activity and brand influence

IV. promote industrial layout and agglomeration

15. Accelerate the construction of the national artificial intelligence highland, build the industrial development spatial layout of "human shape distribution and multi-point linkage" in the city, promote the policies of the relevant agglomeration areas in the city to cover the field of artificial intelligence, build Huajing Beiyang and other artificial intelligence characteristic towns, and build five artificial intelligence characteristic demonstration parks

16。 Adapt to the development trend of cross-border integration of industrial innovation, establish a loose and flexible industrial space management mechanism in the field of artificial intelligence, give support to artificial intelligence enterprises in terms of resource space, and reasonably determine the development intensity and supporting functions for enterprises that meet the conditions to achieve a thinner, lighter and lower cost structure

v. strengthen government guidance and investment and financing support

17. We should make good use of all kinds of special funds for industrial transformation and upgrading and information construction, guide enterprises to increase investment and project construction, and support the innovative development of artificial intelligence

18。 For the relevant products of qualified AI enterprises, the city will provide policy support for the first set of equipment, the first revision of software, and the first batch of new materials. All districts are encouraged to introduce policies to support AI industrialization projects

19。 Give full play to the role of policy financing guarantee funds for small, medium-sized and micro enterprises, and strengthen the credit guarantee of enterprises in the field of artificial intelligence. Encourage qualified financial institutions to set up special AI credit projects

20。 We will give full play to the leveraging role of government investment funds and guide social capital to establish a 100 billion scale artificial intelligence industry development fund. We will support small and medium-sized enterprises in the field of artificial intelligence to develop into "specialized and innovative", and cultivate and expand a number of invisible champions and innovative benchmarking enterprises in segmented fields

21。 Support AI enterprises to carry out international investment and mergers and acquisitions through mergers, acquisitions, equity participation and other forms. All districts are encouraged to give key support to the listing of AI enterprises

22。 We will increase the supply of basic services that adapt to the development of artificial intelligence, and accelerate the construction of a new generation of information infrastructure, such as 5g networks, data centers, and new metro IOT. Support AI enterprises to participate in the formulation of comprehensive standards and basic common technology standards. Establish systems and norms to ensure the healthy and safe development of artificial intelligence. Carry out intellectual property appraisal and patent navigation

the measures shall be implemented from the date of promulgation and shall be valid until December 31, 2020


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