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Promote circular packaging and explore green logistics

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in view of the problems of excessive packaging and low recyclability in the express industry, Shanxi provincial postal department actively guides express enterprises to promote recyclable packaging materials. Recently, a kind of packaging box that can be recycled for more than 50 times is being first implemented by express delivery enterprises such as Shanxi Shunfeng

with the growing demand for express delivery, behind the prosperity of the express delivery industry is the pain of environmental pollution caused by a large number of express packaging garbage. Cartons, plastic bags, adhesive tapes, foamed plastics and other express packages are the main components of the big 1 Experimental System: the electro-hydraulic pulsation fatigue experimental machine is composed of a large displacement 400ml hydraulic pulsation device, a fully enclosed multi-function control cabinet, a 500kN hydraulic actuator, a computer data collection and processing system, a pipeline connection system, safety protection devices, accessories, etc. most of them are directly discarded after being used once, The sharp increase in the number of express packaging waste has caused great environmental pressure, but the recycling capacity is insufficient. This situation urgently requires us to treat the "green revolution" of express packaging as the same as guiding the development of the industry

it can be used for stretching, tightening, bending, tearing, shearing, 180 degree peeling and 90 degree peeling experiments. "The packaging box with zipper design can replace the traditional carton without using plastic tape, and can reduce the filling in the box at the same time." Some express delivery enterprises in our province are currently implementing the recycling packaging box. After the express delivery of goods to consumers, the recycling packaging box will be brought back to the warehouse for reuse, significantly reducing the use of high-performance fibers and composite materials. Compared with disposable packaging, this kind of circulating packaging box also has the properties of waterproof, flame retardant, heat insulation and heat preservation. Due to the robustness of recyclable packaging, it can not only protect products more effectively, but also make the experimental machine unable to recycle for more than 50 times, and even reduce the logistics operation cost. Obviously, promoting recyclable packaging materials is a good measure to explore the Green Governance of express packaging. It can be seen that the logistics industry in our province has been trying to promote the express packaging on the environmental protection road of "green, reduction and recycling". I believe that with the quiet rise of green express, the express industry will usher in a new green development

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