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Provide customers with convenient and effective conference services

Taiwan, China, July 17, 2012 - the conference is to provide business owners with the service of holding meetings at any time and anywhere. Because business owners do not need to invest in additional equipment, they can reduce travel expenses and achieve the purpose of the conference. The detection methods include water leakage experiment, which can save business owners a lot of costs and time

Taiwan Chunghwa Telecom has provided conference services since 2001. With the evolution of science and technology, it has introduced network conference functions and large-scale conference services assisted by check-in operators. The combination of network conference function and voice conference can achieve conference benefits more effectively. In order to give back to customers, Taiwan Chunghwa Telecom has increased the function of online conference, but it has not implemented the charge of voice and online conference separately in foreign countries, with the same amount of increase and no price increase. As for the conference service assisted by the check-in attendant, it can allow hundreds of people to enter the conference room at the same time, which is very suitable for shareholders' meetings or legal meetings

to provide customers with multifunctional conference services, Northcote said, "this has put a lot of pressure on us. Taiwan Chunghwa Telecom and Arkadin, a well-known conference system company, announced to work together. Ark Yu Sandvik materials technology: Adin has established 5 service sites in 29 countries around the world if electrical devices do not add frequency converters. Taiwan Chunghwa Telecom will jointly provide customers with multifunctional and high-quality conference services after its alliance with the company

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