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Problems in the development of plastic doors and windows in China

the technology of plastic doors and windows in China originates from Europe. Comparatively speaking, the development of domestic plastic doors and windows is relatively backward, and there are mainly the following problems:

1 Raw material problem

lack of suitable special resin for the production of plastic windows and corresponding modifiers and additives. The variety, specification and performance of raw materials can not meet the needs of plastic window production

2. Mold problem

the maximum experimental force used in the inspection should not exceed the elastic limit of the test sample

in order to meet the needs of different uses, grades and categories in China in the future, the total demand for molds will be considerable. However, the mold design of plastic windows in China has just started, and the current level is still low. The gap with foreign countries is: the productivity of extruded profiles of domestic molds is low, which is generally only 2/3 of that of foreign advanced molds, or even lower; The quality of profiles extruded by domestic dies is unstable

3. Assembly capacity

according to the general requirements, the ratio of window forming assembly capacity to the extrusion capacity of profiles is 1:4~5, but at present, the production capacity of profiles in China is far greater than the assembly capacity. Due to the lack of assembly capacity, the production capacity of extrusion lines is affected

4. Product design

at present, China's ability and level of mastering the design, application and construction and installation technology of profile section, window type and accessories are relatively low. Adopting foreign agency design and purchasing foreign current section may not be in line with national conditions, and it is not possible to design serialized products according to market needs. Most manufacturers can only rely on a few basic specifications purchased at the time of introduction to form a whole window. Due to the inherent deficiency of profile design, it is difficult for a fashion to realize the matching of profile specification series, so it is lack of market competitiveness

5. Hardware accessories problem

when introducing the plastic profile production line, the industrial development mode driven by material factors such as resource consumption and cheap labor cannot be continued, and insufficient attention is paid to the introduction of hardware accessories. The existing domestic accessories are not corrosion-resistant, and their performance in terms of beauty, flexibility, strength and other aspects is not ideal. There are few varieties and little choice, which affect the promotion and use quality of plastic windows

6. Standards

the work of product standards can not keep up. Although the profile standards have been published and the impact of the draft national standards has been continuously improved, there is still no standard for finished windows. Some enterprises apply foreign standards and can not keep up with the needs in terms of testing means, methods and testing equipment. In addition, the installation acceptance standards and specifications have not been formulated, which hinders the promotion and application of products

7. Price

the high price of plastic windows is an important factor affecting the promotion. In addition to the rising supply price of raw materials, there are also reasons such as complex molding process, low operating rate, and output failing to meet the design capacity, which correspondingly increases the raw material consumption, energy consumption, depreciation and amortization, labor costs and other expenses of unit products. In addition, the product qualification rate is low, and there are various taxes and profits, which increases the cost

8. Lack of understanding

plastic window is a new type of building materials. Many people do not know its quality, property, Polypropylene Modification and subsequent energy reduction, and the volatility and characteristics of polypropylene. For example, there are still doubts about the aging and combustion problems that have been determined abroad. The design, construction and use departments lack the enthusiasm to use new building materials, and are often used to following the traditional and conventional practices. They are familiar and unwilling to take risks for fear of problems

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