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Process is the key to the implementation of PDM

Tang Shicai, who has been engaged in PDM consulting and service for 15 years, is the vice president of PTC's global service department. Recently, he was interviewed on issues related to vase PDM

: how do you understand the definition and discussion of "vase PDM" in the industry? What is the most critical in PDM implementation

tangshicai: a PDM system has invested a lot of human, material and financial resources, but the effect is limited, and the productivity of the enterprise has not been substantially improved. This may be an understanding that PDM has become a vase. In fact, PDM itself is a system engineering, and it is impossible to achieve all functions in one step by buying and installing a software

from the development process of digital micro Vickers hardness tester PDM of Jinan new era Gold Testing Instrument Co., Ltd., it is actually a process in which PDM is used in an increasingly wide range of enterprise product development processes. Up to now, PDM can be managed from the initial conceptual design to the workshop production and product recycling

it can be seen that in this process, in addition to the functions of PDM products, the process is very important. The process must change. In product development, from this point to the next point, the method and path of enterprise product development must be changed to adapt to new challenges. Many domestic enterprises did not realize this problem in the early days. Even now, many customers are not willing to change their processes, and customers prefer to find a software product suitable for their existing processes

when the process is more and more complex, customers will have more and more requirements for software. PDM itself is a platform system, which needs to be matched with many other software to play a greater role. This requires that the underlying technology of the platform is very solid

on the one hand, the accumulation of domestic software is not enough, and the company is not large. The products are often single point applications, which makes the coverage of their products when applied to specific processes very narrow. The smaller the benefit is, the less significant it is, the more difficult it is to promote and use it, and build confidence

: some people say that helping customers establish a product development system is a major advantage of foreign PLM manufacturers

tangshicai: in fact, we don't often help customers establish such a product development system, because this is not our core business. Our specialty is to help customers improve the whole process of their product development. However, when customers do have such needs and they do not have large-scale investment to establish such a development system, we will also help customers provide consultation within a certain range in the field we are familiar with

a manufacturer must have its own product development system to survive in this market. The product development system of most domestic enterprises is learned from their international and domestic counterparts. From the perspective of the market, no enterprise has the ability to establish a brand-new system, so that TXV aerospace composites company is half inherited. But as for whether it is the best and whether it can provide a most effective economic model, it is usually not. Only when there is sufficient funds, enterprises will consider establishing a PLM system. At this time, the product development system actually exists

for customers, the most important thing now is to improve the product structure, the function of the software itself, and the degree of adoption. The products produced by customers today are very different from those before, and the challenges they face have also been completely different. They need to build their own product development platform, and every deformed product can be developed on this platform, so as to reduce product development time and cost

: how to judge whether a PDM Project is successful

tangshicai: achieving the original goal is success. The more mature the management of the enterprise, the more clear the indicators. But generally speaking, it is difficult to have universally applicable standards. There are some simple criteria, such as: first, the company continues to invest in the system. The purpose of enterprises is to make profits. If the system is not successful, why should enterprises continue to invest? Second, does the enterprise continue to cooperate with manufacturers in the implementation and promotion of the system

: you have been engaged in PDM industry for a long time. What is your deepest feeling

tangshicai: in an enterprise, when promoting a PDM Project, whether the decision-maker has enough understanding of the overall investment of the project and whether it matches the expected goal is a very important issue

this may not be important when implementing a project, but it often occurs when the project is completed and the enterprise looks back and checks its investment. In fact, it is not that there are few peripheral circuits, but that the problem of exceeding the budget is not clear at the beginning

a PDM Project often needs to transfer the best and most senior engineers in product development to support the project, which leads to the transfer of productivity, and this system cannot produce any benefits before application. In addition, enterprises need to invest a lot of money and time in training, as well as change the process and management system of the enterprise to motivate employees. These are costs. Many decision makers often have only a preliminary investment plan. After the project is carried out for a period of time or after the completion, the comprehensive investment has far exceeded the project budget

: will you also face users' complaints

tangshicai: in order to achieve the purpose of implementation, some processes will inevitably become smoother, some processes will become more cumbersome, some people's work will be reduced, and some people's work will be increased. Of course, many problems will be solved after implementation, but in the process of implementation, in order to ensure the smooth implementation, enterprises will temporarily ignore some problems

there are participants at all levels of a PDM Project, from vice president to employees. In the process of implementation, many people will be affected, and many people must face change. These people must have complaints. As service providers, we must deal with these complaints well and fundamentally solve their problems. (end)

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