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At present, with the development of the door and window industry, various control methods can be freely and smoothly switched in the experimental process, and gradually mature. However, the door and window market is not very perfect, and industry problems still exist, such as: the price of the door and window market is high, there are many door and window quality problems, and the after-sales service is not in place

shopping malls act as protective umbrellas

individual shopping malls recruit individuals and self-employed businesses without door and window production licenses to sell doors and windows for the local economic benefits of berth rental. Without quality reputation and after-sales service guarantee, shopping malls act as "protective umbrellas" for unqualified doors and windows. Remind consumers to go to the regular building materials market or the brand merchants on Zhuniu to select doors and windows

the quality inspection report is not standardized

the quality inspection report is not the original, or the copy does not have the red seal confirmed by the quality inspection department. Remind consumers that the product quality inspection report is only valid for this batch, and the quality inspection report within half a year in the industry is generally regarded as valid. Some door and window dealers hang false certificates of honor in the store to raise their value. Remind consumers that it depends not only on the certification authority, but also on the product quality

the major functions are "fantastic"

some door and window manufacturers and dealers unilaterally exaggerate the product performance, and wantonly declare that turning on the air switch power supply to instigate the lights to light up. Doors and windows can be waterproof, insect proof, antibacterial, fire prevention, green environmental protection, fitness and other contents. Remind consumers that dealers are required to write their commitments into the sales contract, and their overall equipment level will be at the international leading level in the industry, so they can protect their rights accordingly

When another oil port is connected to the oil return pipe,

domestic and imported "ambiguous"

domestic products are passed off as imported products, ordinary products are passed off as famous brand products, and even inferior products are used as qualified products. Imported products should see the import declaration form, and qualified products should see the quality inspection report

after sales service adds "tricks"

door-to-door delivery is only delivered to the gate. There is a charge for entering the hospital, and there is a floor charge for going upstairs; It's called free maintenance of doors and windows. In fact, it sells door and window wax and door and window oil. Remind consumers to understand the specific terms and conditions of the contract when buying, and pay attention to the scope of charges and free fees. Door and window manufacturers or distributors employ informal installers to save money

play word games in the contract

use non-standard contracts to determine some overlord terms. For example, some dealers promise to "return goods freely within 30 days", but they do not specify in the contract whether to refund the deposit or the full payment. Remind consumers to pay attention to the contents of various terms when signing contracts with dealers, and do not sign and pay blindly

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