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[made in Shandong Province] - Shandong Lingong landing "made in Shandong Province" CCTV brand promotion

[made in Shandong Province] - Shandong Lingong landing "made in Shandong Province" CCTV brand promotion

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on January 10, 2017, "made in Shandong Province" industrial brand CCTV cluster promotion Promo will appear in CCTV 1 and 13 programs morning "Morning News". Shandong Lingong has made a strong landing on CCTV, making use of CCTV's advantageous media channels to expand brand promotion

since January 2016, "haopin Shandong" has carried out centralized publicity of Shandong industrial brand image with "haopin Shandong" as the overall title during the advertising period of CCTV program and channel morning "Morning News", highlighting Shandong advantageous industrial enterprises and product brands, vigorously promoting regional brand construction, improving the popularity, reputation and social influence of Shandong industrial brands, and enhancing the market competitiveness of industrial enterprises, It has achieved a good promotion effect with more than 1000 injection molding machines equipped in the factories of lianglego in Denmark, Mexico and Hungary. "Hospitable lithium battery is made in Shandong Province with the rapid development of its technical indicators." and "hospitable Shandong" is another innovative case of regional brand building in Shandong Province after hospitable Shandong tourism brand

as a leading brand of construction machinery, Shandong Lingong takes the lead in developing energy-saving technologies in the industry, continuously reducing emissions through technological upgrading, and introducing green new energy such as photovoltaic power generation, with its main products including shovel excavation series, pavement machinery series and related parts; Establish strategic cooperation with WWF, promote energy conservation and environmental protection through platforms such as good driver activities, and fulfill social responsibilities; Continue to implement the excellent performance model, take the characteristic market as the guide, create a brand with quality, and promote development with innovation, and continuously won the provincial governor quality award and the National Quality Award; At the same time, by virtue of high-quality products and services, we create the maximum value return for customers, and the brand value has increased year by year. In 2016, the brand value reached 19.867 billion yuan, which was rated as "China's 500 most valuable brands", ranking fourth in the industry

Shandong Lingong, as a new group of brand enterprises, has joined the CCTV promotion plan, which will give full play to the leading role of the brand "good surgical mask products Shandong", continue to expand the effect of publicity and promotion, and strive to create a new situation of brand construction

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