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[product focus] how can concrete be sent to high altitude? How can the "black technology" in the unpacking pump truck be sent to the high altitude? The "black technology" in the unpacking pump truck

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on all kinds of large and small construction sites, there are always construction machinery, of which the pump truck is the most common one. How can concrete be transported to tens of meters high through long boom? What high-tech is hidden in the huge body? "Unpacking Hunan Solitaire" entered Zoomlion, the representative of Hunan Construction machinery enterprise, and the secret in the "unpacking" pump truck

▲ on the display platform of Zoomlion Lugu Industrial Park, the pump truck has green arms, but one price rack for raw materials per day is particularly eye-catching.

on the display platform of Zoomlion Lugu Industrial Park, a 56 meter high precision and high-efficiency pump truck is being "unpacked"

▲ a 56 meter high precision and high efficiency pump truck was "unpacked"

this pump truck was offline in 2015, with 62 patents, and made breakthroughs in five core technologies: full attitude boom active vibration reduction control technology, high-pressure pumping technology, vehicle safety control technology, high-precision and high-efficiency pumping technology, and differential adaptive pumping control technology. It is the superposition of various innovations that makes the products faster to pump, more reliable in structure, more stable in operation, and more worry free in management and maintenance

this "big man" won the first innovation award in Hunan Province after coming off the line. He participated in the construction of key projects such as Anxin district and Beijing Xiong railway, and played a big role in the military parade

up to now, this product has been sold to all regions of the country, and the cumulative sales volume, sales volume and market share are far ahead of similar products

the company began to fully implement the good practices and experience of work areas 3 and 6. Among the "unpacking" objects, there are elbow, straight pipe, curved straight pipe, pump truck legs and other parts of the product "on the body", forklift, electric drill, wrench and other tools used in the production and assembly process, as well as work clothes, hand covers, safety helmets and other employee labor protection materials. As a structural part of 4.0 pump truck, its reliability has been greatly improved through standardized design, fatigue test verification, process improvement and so on

▲ objects that seem not too complicated are full of scientific and technological content

objects that seem not too complicated are full of scientific and technological content. Zoomlion pumping product R & D Engineer introduced that the thickness of wear-resistant layer of 4.0 elbow is increased for the wear-resistant area, which is 3 times or more than that of ordinary double-layer elbow; The wear resistance of the special material used for the outer arc surface is more than 1.5 times that of the wear-resistant cast iron of the commonly used double-layer elbow; And its weight is reduced by more than 15%, which effectively protects the bearing capacity of the boom

in addition, the boom of the pump truck has been verified by fatigue test to ensure that the service life is 8 years and 400000 cubic meters are not cracked. Through the process improvement of the surface hardness of spectacle plates, it is found that chitin in nature is always closely combined with inorganic salts and proteins insoluble in water, which has been strengthened, and the service life has reached more than 45000 cubic meters. The service life is greatly improved by adopting the optimized design of S-tube runner with the lowest pipe resistance

high precision and high efficiency pump truck is an epitome of the high-quality development of Hunan manufacturing industry. In 2018, Changsha construction machinery industry cluster achieved a total industrial output value of 163.9 billion yuan, accounting for about 28% of the total industrial output value of the national construction machinery industry, and its industrial scale ranked first in the country. At the 2019 global construction machinery industry conference and the top 50 summit held in September, four Hunan enterprises including Zoomlion were selected as the "top 50 global construction machinery manufacturers in 2019", and Changsha became the only city in China with four top 50 world construction machinery enterprises

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