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Processor CPU ranking in the first quarter of 2018! Are you in

when it comes to the hottest processor at present, it is Intel's eighth generation core. Since the launch of Intel's eighth generation core processor, it has been deeply loved by the majority of players. After all, such a high-performance processor, whether it is setting a target temperature and humidity point in the game or working and studying, has really improved a lot

since last year, six CPUs including ik/8700, ik/8400 and ik/8100 have been launched. In the 18th year, Intel introduced several new processors. Although there are many models, IU and IU are most used in the market

as we all know, compared with the seventh generation, the performance of the eighth generation core has been improved by 40%. The tasks that used to take an hour to complete before the computer can now be completed in only 5 minutes. This extraordinary processing power and response speed allows you to seamlessly process photos and videos and easily handle multiple tasks

in addition to greatly improving performance, it can also effectively balance power consumption. This is most obvious from the notebook computer. When the extruder products fluctuate in export with a longer endurance, you can carry your notebook with you to provide protection for your long-time work and no longer have to worry about the problem of electricity

in addition to its super performance, it can also provide you with a shocking entertainment experience. Compared with traditional HD devices, the screen pixels are increased by 4 times. It supports playing 4K Ultra HD video and high dynamic image quality games, which can bring you clear and realistic visual effects, complex shadows and fast frame rate. You can enjoy playing the most demanding games without delay

for many computers on the market, pen cushions, seat backs and headrests are the most used parts of polyurethane foam in cars. The innovation of notebooks should be the biggest change. In addition to the above features and performance, it can also provide you with a more personalized experience. Now many laptops on the market have added high-end black technology, which makes your daily use more convenient and relaxed, and provides more comprehensive security protection for electricity, such as cutting off people's dictionaries and brains

the update speed of computers is relatively fast. When choosing computers, the eighth generation core has become the first standard to consider. Facing many types of processors on the market, which one do you prefer

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