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Product packaging strategy and enterprise competitiveness (Part 2)

packaging strategy

packaging strategy suitable for products

1 Series packaging strategy

that is, the series products with similar quality and similar uses produced by the enterprise adopt the same pattern and similar color on the packaging to reflect the common characteristics of the enterprise products. This packaging strategy can make consumers know which enterprise's products are at a glance, and can closely link products with corporate image, greatly save design and printing costs, establish corporate image, improve corporate reputation, and be conducive to the promotion of various products, especially new products

2. Grade packaging strategy

products have different grades, different products have different grades, different costs, and their values are also different; Even if the same product is of different grades, its quality and value are also different. Packaging is the shape of the overall product, which is different from the unique entrepreneurial project of Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou. It must be compatible with the internal quality and value of the product. Only by adopting high-quality packaging for high-end and high-quality products and ordinary packaging for general products, can we appropriately foil the internal quality of the product, effectively establish the product image and promote sales

3. Supporting packaging strategy

enterprises place a variety of related products, or the same variety of products with different specifications and colors, in the same container, such as the complete packaging of cosmetics, skin care products, tea utensils, cookers, toys, etc. This kind of supporting packaging can facilitate the purchase and use of consumers, promote the sales of a variety of products, improve the grade of goods, and provide consumers with a consumption mode, which can cultivate new consumption habits. Shanghai Jinhua craft toy factory changed the originally unsalable plastic packaging toys into combination toys with novel patterns and beautiful decoration. The plush toys of dog, bear, rabbit and cat are cleverly matched and packaged into assembly boxes. The side is bright cellophane, and four lifelike, lively and lovely small animal toys are clearly visible. The toys with changed packaging are very beautiful and sell well

packaging strategy suitable for promotion

1 Appropriate packaging strategy

appropriate packaging is to seek the appropriate role of packaging, and its role, benefits and packaging costs are in a coordinated and stable state. The packaging cost is reflected in all stages from the implementation of packaging to waste disposal. When selecting packaging, we should consider the whole process of packaging, scientifically design the packaging, and implement standardized materials. While ensuring the packaging function, we should try to reduce packaging materials and packaging costs, so as to reduce the overall product cost and enhance the competitiveness of goods

2. Packaging strategy suitable for distribution channels

whether the products produced by enterprises can be delivered to consumers in time is closely related to the choice of distribution channels due to their involvement in the industry. The selection of distribution channels should take full account of product characteristics, consumer characteristics and the type of distribution channels adopted by competitors. At the same time, the packaging strategies adopted by enterprises should also be different according to the distribution channels selected by enterprises. For example, for foods that are easy to deteriorate, if long distribution channels are adopted, vacuum packaging or refrigerated packaging should be adopted to meet the packaging conditions required by the food shelf life

3. As mentioned earlier, when analyzing the marketing mix, we should first develop products, then find distribution channels, then promote sales, and finally determine the price according to the expected reaction of the market and the level of production costs. Therefore, the author believes that various packaging strategies that adapt to product elements, distribution channel elements and promotion elements should adapt to price elements

4. Convenient packaging strategy

is to adopt convenient packaging for goods that is easy to carry and store, easy to open and reseal, such as bag type, bag type, suitcase type, backpack type and other portable packaging, as well as easy to open packaging such as pull ring, button, roll type, tear type, so as to cause customers to buy repeatedly and promote sales

5. Different packaging strategies

due to the differences in economic income, consumption level, education level and age level, different consumers have different needs for product packaging. Generally speaking, high-income people, especially young and middle-aged high-income people with a high degree of education, emphasize exquisite packaging and like packaging with unique shapes, vivid pictures and taste; And low-income people or people with low education level prefer economical, simple and convenient packaging. Therefore, enterprises should adopt different packaging strategies of the same grade of water for products according to the needs of consumers at different levels, so as to win more customers and expand the market

6. Reuse packaging strategy

is also called multi-purpose packaging strategy, that is, after the core products in the packaging are used by consumers, their packaging can be used here or used for other purposes. For example, the porcelain bowl packaging of donkey hide glue blood tonifying granule, after the blood tonifying granule is drunk, the remaining porcelain bowl can not only contain other items, but also be used as a toy bowl for children. In addition, such packaging is engraved with the mark of the enterprise, which can enhance the impression of consumers on the product, stimulate consumers to buy again, and virtually play a certain promotional role. This packaging strategy is to expand the sales of goods by giving consumers some additional benefits through formal products, but it cannot make the function of packaging exceed the needs of users and become excessive packaging

7. Gift packaging strategy

in order to stimulate the purchase desire of customers who are super large building profile enterprises in Southwest China, in addition to core products, the packaging also includes pictures, physical objects, lottery tickets and other things to give to consumers. For example, Master Kang's instant noodles are packed with little tiger style cards, and the characters in each bag are different. Children can't put it down. They are eager to have a whole set of whirlwind cards, so they have to often buy instant noodles with such cards. For a time, Master Kang's instant noodles with different flavors entered thousands of households with the colorful whirlwind card

8. Update packaging strategy

refers to the use of novel packaging by enterprises to change the original product image and promote commodity sales. After carefully investigating the purchasing psychological trend of consumers, Henan Weihui food noodles factory has actively developed new varieties, from the original single varieties to more than three series of varieties. It has realized the transformation of products from low-grade to high-grade and medical and health-care vermicelli. Although the products are updated, the packaging is still the same, and the product sales are still not ideal. The factory hired relevant experts to redesign the product packaging, changing the paper packaging to plastic bag packaging, changing the ordinary carton packaging to portable gift color boxes, and changing the original large box packaging to small boxes of different weights. All the new products developed have a unique packaging style. The packaging has changed, and the market has increased greatly. The products of the factory have been sold well to Beijing, Guangzhou and other places, and exported to Hong Kong and Japan, showing a good momentum of supply exceeding demand

green packaging strategy adapted to the times

green packaging strategy is also called ecological packaging strategy, which refers to packaging materials that can be reused or recycled, packaging waste that is easy to treat or harmless to the environment. The concept of enterprise management has experienced the development of production concept, product concept, marketing concept and social concept. At the end of the last century, it was located in the concept of green marketing. Nowadays, consumers' awareness of environmental protection is increasing. Green marketing, which is accompanied by green technology, green industry and green consumption, has become the new mainstream of enterprise marketing. Green packaging, which adapts to green marketing, has become the trend of packaging development in the world today. Therefore, the implementation of green packaging strategy is conducive to environmental protection and integration with international packaging, which is easy to be recognized by consumers and thus has a promotional effect

to sum up, good product packaging can improve the competitiveness of enterprises. Various packaging strategies in marketing are compatible with market factors. Its ultimate purpose is to use packaging as a form of product, expand the market, improve market share, and achieve the marketing purpose of enterprises

source: chemical printing machinery from new materials in Shandong, China

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