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End of product development cycle - EPLAN platform strategy

editor's note: Shanghai, may 251, 2007 The data required for the laces to do the tensile test of breaking force include: the maximum force value of laces breaking or stretching, the time required for breaking, the maximum yield force, the number of times of breaking, etc.: under the new EPLAN development platform, electrical project planning, fluid engineering, and instrumentation/control can cooperate directly with each other for the first time in history. All systems are based on the same platform and provided with the same database. In an unprecedented development that is lighter and more effective than the invar tool, various disciplines can be directly linked to other disciplines without additional interfaces. From now on, data loss and contradiction will always belong to the past

a new era of data processing

EPLAN platform technology has created the foundation for effective cooperation between different departments. The modular platform provides a series of core functions that are critical to electrical CAE, fluid engineering, and instrumentation/control. Data processing has entered a new era. In addition to having a unified database, this platform also includes many basic functions, such as graphing devices (such as wiring diagrams, fluid diagrams, process and instrument flow diagrams), unified rights management systems, readers, foreign language translation and sophisticated version management systems. The unique framework concept will certainly impress users with fast results - not just because of the unified look and feel in various applications

the new platform integrates EPLAN software and comprehensive CAX solutions from service companies. As one of the representatives of the latest generation, eplanelecticp8 is based on this new platform. The direct and unlimited link with fluid engineering (using eplanfluid, formerly fluidplan) makes the combination of hardware design and fluid engineering perfect. The unified database and object-oriented method support the reference between different document types. Modifications to a point are immediately applied to all relevant functions - whether the problem is electrical or fluid

the instrument and control industry will also benefit from direct communication with eplanppe. In the cooperation with eplanelecticp8, both systems run on the same and unified database. The electrical instrumentation/control and electrical engineering industries are now fully integrated. Modifications to process and instrument flow diagrams or circuits are always complete and consistent, regardless of their location

openness to further integration

due to its openness based on API interface, EPLAN platform technology provides opportunities to integrate engineering tools from other disciplines. In addition to the products of other EPLAN software and service companies, tools from third-party suppliers can also be integrated. This has laid a solid foundation for greater integration and direct interaction between different disciplines

interaction is the key

modern machinery and factories must apply electromechanical system solutions. Each discipline involved must be suitable for the corresponding product requirements in order to operate normally

the control software must be as functional and convincing as the hardware concept. This also applies to sensors, brakes, cable roots that can be properly raised above the air, shell configurations, or hoses between fluid components. However, it is insufficient in itself: the ultimate challenge lies in the interaction between these independent solutions. Efficient and integrated engineering cannot be achieved without functional interaction

specific discipline engineering has become the past

most projects are the result of separate, discipline related activities. In the past, this meant using an isolated CA designed for the specific application in question. Table 2-2 is a solution to the thermoforming processing temperature X of common plastic plates (sheets). However, specific types of data can be used on an interdisciplinary basis, which inevitably leads us to consider obtaining access to such data - for example, by using corresponding interfaces. However, specific limitations still exist, such as data inconsistencies or data technology links between disciplines


due to the new EPLAN platform technology, users can bid farewell to the previous engineering limitations. Previously independent disciplines can now be combined into a powerful and comprehensive engineering method - using the same database, making it more reliable, faster and efficient than ever before

EPLAN software and service company

EPLAN software and service company is a software supplier of global engineering solutions. All advanced development work is centered on efficient workflow and process support. Customers can benefit from a wide range of services, including training, consulting and customer solutions. With 20000 customers and 54000 software installations worldwide, the company based in Monheim has shown its consistent practical orientation and international distribution success for more than 20 years. As a subsidiary of Rittal and part of friedhelmloh group, the name EPLAN software and service company has become a synonym for durability and investment safety

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