The hottest product packaging in the Iraq War

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Product packaging in the Iraq war

in the Iraq war, contemporary packaging products played an important and irreplaceable role in people's wartime survival. These packages not only helped the U.S. Army in the Persian Gulf, but also helped the victims of war on all sides, reducing hunger and death

MRE cooking bags for military dry food, PET polyester bottles for drinking water, conspicuous rhubarb bags for humanitarian aid supplies, mail bags filled with all kinds of sunscreen, lipstick, barreled oil, those disposable syringes and first-aid medicine bags, all kinds of plastic and glass medicine bottles, cocoa powder and various easy to open packets, canned milk powder Special sacks for rice flour... Numerous. Basically, packaging includes people - whether they are victims of war or people without war disasters - that is, the rules of the market and everything necessary for life

no matter those small packages that are strong and easy to open, or those large packages that are packed in boxes and pallets, they have experienced sea, land and air transportation half an earth away and many times of manual handling, and some even experienced air drop. They have made important contributions to the survival of people who are more stable in the operation of programs. In the future, packaging will continue to play an important role

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