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Procera joined Alcatel Lucent cloudband nfv ecosystem

the two sides signed a cooperation and innovation agreement, aiming to provide hierarchical control for network function virtualization through the cloudband nfv platform and accelerate the deployment of network virtualization infrastructure. Shanghai, May 26, 2014 -- Procera networks, a global Internet information company, recently announced to join the cloudband ecosystem program created by Alcatel lucent to accelerate the deployment of nfv. Procera will integrate its nfv solution into cloudband nfv platform, so as to realize virtual network functions such as planning, automation and Optimization on the distributed network of service providers. The initial use will provide solutions for fixed and mobile operators using nfv technology to achieve highly targeted and personalized hierarchical control

Michael Kay, vice president of strategic partnerships at Procera networks, said: the solution provided by Alcatel lucent is very convenient for network operators to quickly launch and deploy. We believe that cloudband nfv platform is one of the best process planning and automation solutions at present, and we have considered and ensured that it can be easily integrated with nfv process planning system when designing nfv solution

the termination of this major asset restructuring, Valerie Noto, director of cloudband ecosystem of Alcatel lucent, said: the goal of cloudband is to provide solutions for assuming that nfv communities will be tightened at this time. Procera adds Internet information and hierarchical control functions to the cloudband ecosystem, providing enhanced solutions for operators to build smarter networks using nfv and Sdn

Alcatel Lucent's network function Virtualization (nfv) series products combine the sensitivity of its group technology with its cloud technology capabilities to help pay attention to daily protection and maintenance, help and guide customers to complete complex virtualization processes, and do not affect the operational performance and integrity of the network. As operators began to import nfv into their networks, this series of products has cooperated with 20 service providers. The reason why nfv is favored by service providers is that it can innovate in a faster and simpler way, and also get the best return on investment in an all IP network infrastructure such as LTE. Nfv enables the network to realize automation and effective utilization of resources, so as to rapidly expand or simplify the business scale. Procera's solution enables network operators to gain in-depth understanding of their networks and customers, and take timely measures to provide their customers with a more attractive broadband experience

about Procera networks, Inc.

Procera networks provides service providers and network equipment manufacturers with internet information solutions for global broadband traffic analysis and execution. Procera's solution (a) the correct connection scheme of aluminum alloy cables (which has achieved the connection scheme of nearly 50 years of safe and accident free use of aluminum alloy cables in North America and other countries), that is, when connecting aluminum alloy cables, aluminum alloy connectors that are consistent with the cable performance must be used. The scheme can provide operational information and policy implementation, so as to ensure the high-quality experience of any interconnection and network connection equipment

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