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SYSTIMAX, the world's leading CommScope company in enterprise network communications and services, recently announced that its world-famous first cabling brand SYSTIMAX optical fiber cabling system has lived up to expectations, fully reflecting its advantages in technology leadership and high-performance price ratio, and won the cabling project of Shenzhen Great Wall international computer production base and Asian accessories procurement center, More than 13000 points of super five information points and 10g 10 Gigabit multimode fiber backbone system in the plant, with more than 2000 fiber connectors. After completion, Shenzhen Great Wall International will become the largest production base of IBM and other well-known PC brands overseas in the United States and one of the world's leading modern production bases

Shenzhen Great Wall international computer production base is located in the north area of Shenzhen high tech park. The building complex includes a production command center with a total height of 20 floors and a production workshop with a construction area of 50000 square meters. After completion, it will become an important IBM personal computer supply base. The production base has 14 production lines, with an annual output of more than 1million units and an annual production capacity of 2million units. Its products include commercial desktop computers, multimedia computers, laptops, servers and options The products are not only deeply loved by domestic users, but also exported to Southeast Asian countries and other overseas markets

her production system and management system are very perfect, and the product quality and management level have reached the international level. The DFC (data flow control) data flow control system specially developed by IBM is used to track all links in production - from material procurement, installation, testing, aging, unpacking inspection, packaging, shipping, etc. in the production process, so that the whole production process is under systematic control, thus avoiding the impact of human factors on product quality. The production base also gradually introduced the ERP system based on SAP to control the whole process of materials, and connected and shared the databases between the two systems, thus providing a reliable guarantee for quality control. The application of these advanced quality control systems and management systems makes the Great Wall international production base a modern and efficient production base. However, we should make these advanced systems play a full role, accurately collect and analyze a large amount of information generated in the production process, so as to control, and lay a set of advanced, open High reliability and manageable generic cabling system will be essential

the high performance requirements, the urgency of time and the standardization of data of the generic cabling system project of Shenzhen IBM Great Wall international computer production base are the first in China. In order to meet the requirements of high-speed data flow in the production base, the backbone cabling of the design scheme adopts the LazrSPEED series OM3 standard 10 Gigabit optical fiber system recently launched by SYSTIMAX. This optical fiber system not only has a qualitative leap compared with the traditional multimode optical fiber system, but also maintains a high degree of downward compatibility. At the same time, it has great scalability, which facilitates the upgrading of the whole cabling system in the future. The horizontal cabling system and backup system all adopt the mature and reliable powersum category 5 cable scheme for unified cabling, which can ensure the signal transmission quality of the entire cabling system. The voice system in the office area adopts the strategic objectives of SYSTIMAX experimental machine manufacturing enterprise, the investment of scientific and technological personnel and scientific research funds, and the allocation and improvement of scientific research means. The new generation of 110 visipatch series cabling system products must be implemented. They have excellent performance, good manageability and simple and lively appearance, and are highly praised by users

there are five equipment rooms in Building 1, including G6 and G7 machine rooms on the first floor and S2, S6 and S7 machine rooms on the second floor. Each branch machine room is connected to S2 main machine room through lazrspeed12 core indoor 10 Gigabit fiber, and the five machine rooms are also connected into a ring topology through 12 super category 5 copper cables, which are backup to each other, greatly increasing the stability and reliability of the network

there is a machine room on each floor from the 7th to the 12th floor of Building 2, which is responsible for managing about 450 to 550 information points in the office area on this floor. These six machine rooms are connected to the IDC host room on the 6th floor through a LazrSPEED 12 core indoor optical fiber and 12 ultra category 5 copper cables (backup). In the IDC host room with an area of about 400m2 on the 6th floor, a wiring system combining 18 LazrSPEED 12 core indoor 10 Gigabit optical fibers and about 350 category 5 copper cables is also laid to ensure that a large number of high-end servers in the machine room can play a huge role. As the central machine room of IIPC, IDC machine room is connected with S2 main machine room of Building 1 through three LazrSPEED 12 core outdoor 10 Gigabit optical fibers to ensure the high-speed connection of network energy between production area and office area; A LazrSPEED 12 core outdoor 10 Gigabit optical fiber is connected to the machine room of the original office building to ensure that the design of auxiliary equipment matches the host, and the original department can work normally

the voice system in the office area adopts the new generation of 110 visipatch series cabling system products launched by SYSTIMAX of CommScope, which has excellent performance, good manageability and simple and lively appearance, and is highly praised by users

SYSTIMAX high-performance category 6 color patch cords are used for data patch cords, which not only ensure high connection performance, but also fully reflect the characteristics of humanization. Managers can define ports into different types and distinguish them with different colors, which greatly facilitates maintenance. At present, the generic cabling system in the office area of Building 2 has successfully passed the acceptance and been put into use, with a total of about 4000 information points and about 250 optical fiber points

commscope's powersum 1061 series solution is the best category 5 Cabling System in the industry today. Its end-to-end full channel effective bandwidth is up to 155mhz, far exceeding the technical requirements of the 100MHz category 5 channel standard published by EIA/tia-568-b1 by more than 50%. Therefore, it is called the best category 5 copper cabling system in the industry. The following points need to be clarified about the friction coefficient experiment:. This product series has been proved to have high reliability, stability, progressiveness and compatibility through countless model engineering experience. In addition, it adopts the traditional light-duty circular cable structure. BASF provides Brooke with high-performance products and solutions, which is convenient for construction and installation and has the best cost performance. Therefore, it is widely accepted by broadband users around the world and won many World Awards. In 2001, it was rated as the best product award by the American IT industry, It has become one of the leading product lines in SYSTIMAX cabling

the success of LazrSPEED in China and the world based on the new generation multimode fiber system standard

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