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Shenzhen and Huawei jointly released Pengcheng agent

[China, Shenzhen, November 11, 2020] today, at the China International High Tech fair 2020, Shenzhen and Huawei jointly released the white paper on Pengcheng agent - urban security development (hereinafter referred to as the white paper). The white paper was jointly written by Shenzhen Institute of Urban Public Security Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the Institute), Huawei, the communication and information center of the Ministry of emergency management and Southern University of science and technology. Based on the research understanding and industry experience of various parties on the development of urban security from its development trend, it provides the top-level design and implementation path for the intelligent upgrading of urban security development in Shenzhen from the perspective of security development and construction practice

Yue Qingrui, academician of the Chinese Academy of engineering, Wang Yankui, director of Shenzhen Emergency Management Bureau, Yang Ruikai, vice president of Huawei, and Ni Shaowen, President of Shenzhen Institute of urban public security technology attended the release ceremony

on site of the release ceremony of Pengcheng agent - white paper on urban safety development

build the wisdom of the whole scene and jointly manage the safety of the whole cycle

China is experiencing the world's largest urbanization. First of all, we must take the path of resource-saving development. The urban volume is expanding rapidly, and the population, vehicles, buildings and infrastructure are highly concentrated. Extreme weather events are increasingly frequent, and the stock and new safety risks are intertwined and superimposed and increasingly complex, Once a disaster accident occurs, the consequences are serious and the impact is huge

in order to face the severe and complex urban safety situation, Shenzhen adheres to the new concept of safety development and full cycle management. The Municipal Emergency Management Bureau, together with the communication and information center of the emergency management department, Huawei, the Urban Safety Institute and the South University of science and technology, took the lead in proposing the idea of jointly building the wisdom of the whole scene and jointly managing the full cycle safety, formulated the urban safety development strategy, clarified the strategic path and vision, and applied the whole process safety management method, Design a new paradigm of full cycle governance of urban security development. October 20

according to the white paper released this time, Pengcheng security development agent is the core of building the whole scene intelligence and jointly managing the whole cycle security, and it is also the core engine that enables the whole scene intelligence. It is demand-oriented, data-driven, intelligent as the core, focuses on the pain points and difficulties of urban safety development, faces the City District Street Community multi-level, builds a cross level, cross regional, cross system, cross department, cross business urban safety application system, and empowers the whole scene of safety production, disaster prevention and mitigation, urban and rural safety, emergency rescue, epidemic prevention and control, and comprehensive support. Through the five steps of planning - Design - Construction - operation - update, we should practice the new ecological concept of CO creation, CO governance, sharing and win-win, build an open and prosperous ecosystem for the safe development of cities, promote industrial cooperation in Guangdong Hong Kong Macao Great Bay area, and realize the organic integration of social and economic benefits

create Pengcheng security development agent and create a model of a safe development city

Shengguo, general manager of Huawei emergency management business department, delivered a keynote speech on the interpretation of Pengcheng agent city security development white paper. He said that Pengcheng security development agent is the core engine of the whole scene intelligence, relying on the four-tier technical architecture of intelligent interaction, intelligent connection, intelligent hub and intelligent application, Create a full scenario business application system for the "one library, three hubs" n system, support the full cycle safety development of Pengcheng Shenzhen, and create an example of urban safety development

Shengguo, general manager of Huawei's emergency management business department, delivered a special speech

Pengcheng safety development agent forms an integrated collaborative intelligence system through a four tier technical architecture with a market share of more than half of the world:

Pengcheng safety development agent technical architecture

intelligent application: focus on safety development problems, and use the urban safety intelligent center to build safe production, disaster prevention and mitigation, urban and rural safety, emergency rescue Smart applications such as epidemic prevention and control and comprehensive support drive the smart landing of the whole scene of urban safety development

intelligent center: apply highly intelligent, self evolving, safe and controllable data enablers, AI enablers and application enablers, gather urban safety big data, provide artificial intelligence services for urban safety development business applications, and create urban monitoring and early warning intelligent center, emergency command intelligent center and safety publicity and education intelligent center

intelligent connection: it connects the intelligent hub and intelligent interaction, and has three characteristics of ubiquitous Gigabit, deterministic experience and super automation, so as to realize the intelligent connection of all things and Wanzhi interconnection with the requirements of massive access, high concurrency, sudden and real-time of urban security

intelligent interaction: connect physical space, social space and information space, comprehensively perceive urban safety signs, collect urban safety data, and promote the free flow of data and AI

agent is an effective way to realize full scene intelligence. At present, Huawei has announced the joint construction of urban agents with Shenzhen, Chengdu, Fuzhou, Nanchang and Changchun to promote the construction of smart cities into a new stage and move towards a full scene smart city

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