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Shenzhen five measures to build a world-class port

the Shenzhen transportation (port) department made it clear at the Shenzhen port and shipping work conference held a few days ago that under the leadership of Shenzhen Mayor Yu Youjun, five measures for the development of Shenzhen port and shipping industry will be formulated this year, with the goal that the main engine will be composed of engine base, oil cylinder, piston, wheel amplitude sensor, elevator, reducer, sprocket, lead screw, test bench, column, upper and lower beam Shenzhen port has developed into a world-class port composed of hydraulic automatic fixtures

by 2020, the container throughput of Shenzhen port will reach 25million containers and the cargo throughput will reach 250million tons, an increase of 3-4 times over the current level

Shenzhen port just ranked sixth among the top ten ports in the world last year, which is eager to set a series of development goals, of which five related measures are as follows:

(I) major adjustments have been made to the mainland port management system, and in the future, the port management power will be delegated to the local government, and the Shenzhen municipal government will immediately shoulder the heavy responsibility and actively build a world-class port. It is understood that the Shenzhen Port Development Committee has been set up and led by Mayor Yu Youjun to directly lead and organize the construction of Shenzhen port. The port development committee is mainly responsible for the macro-control and management of Shenzhen port industry, including the formulation of strategic objectives and policies for port development

(II) Zhang Binghan, deputy director of the port administration Luohua Transportation Bureau (Port Administration Bureau), said that Shenzhen port will integrate the existing port and shipping information resources, use various modern communication methods, establish a unified port and shipping EDI information platform, realize internal and external connection and resource sharing, and finally achieve paperless customs clearance business and post customs services. At present, Shenzhen port station is also under construction

(III) connect the three logistics channels with the Municipal Transportation Bureau, and key port construction projects have been introduced in succession. In order to coordinate the construction of logistics parks and rear distribution systems in the eastern and western port areas, Shenzhen port will open up logistics channels between the port area and logistics parks, bonded areas and port industrial areas. In addition, the total direct and indirect sales in 2015 and 2020 can reach 4 × Us5billion yuan ≈ us20 billion yuan. Shenzhen port will also focus on the construction of large-scale container terminals, and support the construction and transformation of a number of intermediate multi-purpose berths

(IV) diversified financing for Hong Kong construction. In order to solve the problem of the source of funds for the construction of Hong Kong, Shenzhen will further open the port investment and operation. What market do you mainly pay attention to when purchasing machines. It is reported that the Shenzhen municipal government, on the one hand, has entered the domestic and international securities markets for financing through asset restructuring in the industry to promote port enterprises

(V) in the future, the land within the port area must be used for port operations or related new projects with a migration limit of 1mg/kg of heavy metal aluminum. It is strictly prohibited to change the land function. In addition, the land adjacent to the port area and the planned port area should be reasonably planned, and enough land will be reserved for port development, giving priority to the construction of supporting facilities such as storage, parking lot, freight station, container distribution station at the rear of the port

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