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Shenzhen CIMC vehicles and Valspar comprehensively switched water-based paint

Shenzhen CIMC vehicles and Valspar comprehensively switched water-based paint

September 14, 2016

[China paint information]

it is reported that Shenzhen CIMC vehicles Co., Ltd. began to comprehensively switch to use Valspar water-based paint for vehicles supplied to China and Southeast Asia in August this year, with a monthly production capacity of 400 units. Shenzhen CIMC vehicle company is subordinate to China international shipping container (Group) Co., Ltd., the world's largest container manufacturer, and is committed to the production of semi trailers, container trucks, dump trucks, tank trucks and other special vehicles, as well as brackets, chassis and related parts. CIMC's trailer business is also the world's largest semi-trailer production enterprise. Based on the personalized requirements of Shenzhen CIMC vehicle company for switching water-based paint, Valspar launched two-component water-based epoxy primer and two-component water-based polyurethane topcoat products. After four months of construction verification and product verification, in order to ensure the overall effectiveness, the water-based system products were first applied in the heavy truck market with its impeccable perfect performance, At the same time, it also marks that the application of water-based paint in the heavy truck market has entered a milestone new stage

the two-component waterborne epoxy primer and polyurethane topcoat paint system launched by Valspar is developed and designed to meet the needs of customers. The product is fast drying, has excellent mechanical properties and excellent weather resistance, chemical resistance and corrosion resistance, meets the construction requirements of existing production lines, and is suitable for all kinds of spraying equipment. Valspar hopes to usher in the growth of China's plastic machinery industry through innovation In the golden age of rapid growth, we have developed a series of breakthrough water-based paint products to lead the water-based paint market to a new level

the relevant person of Shenzhen CIMC vehicle company said: "the market demand and heat of water-based paint are faster and faster than expected! In the period of rapid growth of water-based paint, we must have strong technical service support to escort the coating application of water-based paint. Valspar has given strong support in this regard, and truly enable enterprises to occupy more than half of the global market share to accept and recognize water-based paint."

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