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Shenzhen Expressway is based in Shenzhen and crosses the Pearl River Delta

Guide: as a listed expressway company listed in both A-share and H-share markets, Shenzhen Expressway (Information Market Forum) (600548), located in the most economically developed region of China, has always made a good impression on the market with excellent performance and standardized management. But the transfer order of national highways 107 and 205 last year was partially unknown

as a listed expressway company listed in the A-share and H-share markets at the same time, Shenzhen Expressway (Information Market Forum) (600548), located in the most economically developed region of China, has always made a good impression on the market with excellent performance and standardized management. However, the transfer of national highways 107 and 205 last year made some investors who did not know the truth worried about the future profitability of Shenzhen Expressway. So far, some European and American investors are still confused. In this regard, the company confidently made it clear that Shenzhen Expressway is facing unprecedented historical development opportunities and has sufficient stamina. Its philosophy is: adhere to the leading mechanism, not the biggest, but the best

three advantages support confidence

the confidence of Shenzhen Expressway Management mainly comes from three aspects. First of all, Shenzhen Expressway is facing unprecedented historical development opportunities. In the next 10 to 20 years, China's highway construction and development prospects are very attractive. In the next 10 years, Shenzhen will invest 20billion yuan to build 270 kilometers of new expressways, and Guangdong is also preparing to connect major cities in the province by building 10 expressways

secondly, after nearly 10 years of development, Shenzhen Expressway has reached a fairly excellent level in the control of cost, quality and construction period. It has trained a high-quality management team and accumulated rich management experience. The strength and reputation of Shenzhen Expressway can be said to have few rivals in the industry

third, Shenzhen Expressway owns the franchise of Shenzhen Expressway and enjoys the priority of developing and operating the new expressway in Shenzhen. The person in charge of the company optimistically estimated that the expressway construction in Shenzhen alone would be enough for us to be busy in 10 years. In fact, the vision of Shenzhen Expressway is not limited to Shenzhen. Its development strategy is to take Shenzhen as the base and radiate the Pearl River Delta and other economically developed regions in China

a steady stream of backup projects

the steadily growing toll income and a series of projects under construction provide strong support for the confidence of the management. The first quarter report of this year showed that the toll revenue of Shenzhen Expressway increased by nearly 20% compared with the same caliber, excluding the more than 40 million toll revenue before the sale of national highways 107 and 205 in the same period last year. The 25% equity of Yangmao Expressway and Jiangzhong expressway, subordinate to Guangdong Communications Group, which were acquired in March and April this year, will also be completed and benefited respectively this year and next. It is expected that the toll revenue of this year will increase significantly

it is understood that the yanpai Expressway currently under construction is expected to be completed by the end of next year. This working section of the highway connects the busy Yantian Port (Information Market Forum). In the first year of its opening in 2006, it will make a lot of contributions to the company's main business income and profits; Yanba section C will be started within this year, and Huiyang Expressway connected with Yanba section C has been started. After the completion of Yanba section C at the end of next year, it will be connected with Shenzhen Shantou expressway through Huiyang expressway; The Nanguang expressway, which started construction this year and will be completed by the end of the year, will become an important export connecting the Shenzhen Hong Kong Western Corridor

in addition, Shenzhen Expressway has rich resources for subsequent reserve projects. According to the company, Guangdong Communications Group has more than 20 toll road projects under construction, planning and operation in the Pearl River Delta that will be transferred in recent years. With the professional operation ability and capital operation strength of Shenzhen Expressway, as well as the mutual trust relationship established with Guangdong Provincial Transportation Group, the two sides are sure to have large-scale follow-up cooperation. In addition, Shenzhen Expressway also has several large acquisition projects outside Guangdong Province under contact and negotiation

new highlight of agent construction system

the main business of Shenzhen Expressway is very prominent, and the construction, operation and management of toll roads account for more than 98%. Although there is no need to worry about the development prospect of the main business, the management of Shenzhen Expressway has always paid considerable attention to other related businesses

the relevant person in charge of the company said that, however, compared with other domestic listed companies that invest, build and operate toll roads with excellent rebound performance in the inner layer, other related businesses of Shenzhen Expressway only do the construction management of output projects (commonly known as entrusted construction projects, i.e. agent construction). Export project construction management will become a unique new profit highlight of Shenzhen Expressway in the future. In fact, we have signed a construction contract worth 2.7 billion yuan this year

the export of project construction management fixtures plays a very important role. The theory is that the government selects a qualified project management company as the legal person during the construction period of the project, which is responsible for the whole process organization and management of the project construction. Once the investment exceeds the budget, or the construction period is delayed, or the quality does not meet the requirements, the agent must bear the breach of contract, and the management cost enjoyed by the agent depends on the final saved project cost. The agent needs not only the guarantee of reliable quality and reputation, but also the professional strength to control the budget and construction period, so that it is possible and confident to undertake the agent construction project

at present, the Shenzhen municipal government is vigorously promoting the agent construction system to prevent the inefficiency of government investment projects. Shenzhen Expressway won the first highway construction project of Shenzhen municipal government by virtue of its unquestionable advantages -- the first phase of Nanping Expressway with an investment of 2.268 billion yuan. It is reported that this project is also the first municipal road construction project in China to adopt the agent construction mode. The Shenzhen municipal government will then entrust us with the construction of several projects. We have built roads for nearly 10 years, and none of them has exceeded the budget. On the contrary, many projects have also saved% of the cost. According to the introduction of the relevant person in charge of the company, it is expected that the construction and management of the export project will bring considerable benefits to Shenzhen Expressway

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