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Shenzhen business daily: Ctrip was awarded the best call center in China (Asia Pacific) in 2010

hosted by the call after sales and sales center of China Electronic Chamber of Commerce and Customer Relationship Management Professional Committee (CNCCA) and hosted by CTI forum, the 2010 China call center industry summit and China's best call center award ceremony were grandly held in Beijing recently. Ctrip Travel won the 2010 China (Asia Pacific) best call center award

since the establishment of Ctrip call center in 1999, along with "Large enterprises often purchase large quantities and grow rapidly with the development of Ctrip's business. The year-on-year drop is 3.8%, 17.8% and 18.7% respectively. At present, Ctrip's call center has more than 5000 employees and provides 40million Ctrip members with all-round travel services such as hotel reservation, air ticket reservation, tourism vacation and business travel management. In May this year, Ctrip built a Ctrip information technology building in Nantong, Jiangsu Province, with 12000 call seats, which is currently the largest in the world Tourism call center

at present, Ctrip Travel accounts for about 55.6% of the travel market and is China's leading comprehensive travel service company, of which about 70% of its performance is achieved through the call center. The selection committee believes that Ctrip call center is not only an important channel to create performance, but also an important way to provide customers with high-quality services, effectively realizing the combination of business benefits and service value due to its narrow processing temperature and easy degradation. At the same time, Ctrip call center has also established a perfect performance appraisal system and realized a scientific management mode. At the same time, with the support of IT technology, the call center has established a clear and reasonable service process, which is far ahead in building a lean service system in the tourism industry. Shenzhen business daily

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