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Shenzhen first-class urban lighting qualification transfer company

Shenzhen first-class urban lighting qualification transfer company

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construction enterprises are even more so. Over the years, the construction industry has made important contributions in it, effectively developing land resources, reasonably using and developing, and providing housing resources for different groups in society., The qualification agency company has good communication and ready-made interpersonal relationships, and has rich experience to seize every time point; As long as the information is provided, everything else is done;, At present, the single industrial structure leads to the weak core competitiveness and comprehensive strength of construction enterprises. Due to historical reasons such as investment orientation and industry barriers, the industrial structure of construction enterprises is flat, and only low-level repeated competition is carried out in relatively simple civil engineering projects

is there anything that enterprises should pay attention to in qualification transfer?, It is very important for enterprises to contract engineering projects, so it must be put in the first place in the work of enterprises., Reason for transfer failure: the social security of qualified personnel. When applying for qualification, the company will be frustrated in social security issues. Enterprises that need certificates to be affiliated should pay social security to affiliated talents according to regulations, but the affiliated talents themselves have social security to pay normally, which needs reasonable communication between both parties

enterprises with professional contracting qualifications can undertake professional projects subcontracted by general contracting enterprises and professional projects subcontracted by construction units according to law., With the strengthening and improvement of the qualification management system in the construction market, the construction administrative department has strengthened the control over the access of construction enterprises. Qualification is equivalent to a ticket in the construction market., After passing the national qualification management, effective management, such as construction qualification, reduces the probability of these tofu dregs projects and helps construction enterprises effectively obtain greater benefits., For the development of the company, many companies will choose additional qualifications to expand their business scope and undertake more engineering projects. Then many people may have questions about whether the initial qualification is the same as the qualification addition, and what is the difference?, Cancel the assessment of key personnel, only a general contracting level III enterprise can save at least 1.2 million social security costs, and enterprises can not be as eager to find high-priced certificates as they were in the early stage., Performance record. While relevant materials should be properly kept, construction enterprises should also record their performance, that is, what projects have been completed should be reported to the Department of construction. In addition, it should be noted that the filing should be completed within 30 working days after the completion acceptance of the project

when the first-class housing construction qualification is transferred, the enterprise requires to apply for the first-class housing construction qualification first, In recent years, with the deepening of the reform of construction qualification in China, the approval of construction qualification by the state is becoming more and more strict, which leads to the continuous increase of market demand for qualification forwarding, and the first-class transfer price of construction qualification has become the main concern of people!, Generally, the process of obtaining qualification and maintaining qualification level is also the process of continuous growth and expansion of enterprises through market competition. If enterprises find new market opportunities, they will also apply for new qualifications to obtain licenses and seek preliminary recognition of the market, which in essence stimulates the vitality of enterprises., To pay personnel social security, whether it is qualification handling, dynamic verification, continuation and upgrading, personnel social security certification materials are required, and some accident insurance and work-related injury insurance are also required

the professional contracting qualification of urban and road lighting engineering is divided into level 1, level 2 and level 3. Qualification has certain requirements for enterprise assets, main personnel and engineering performance. Among them, the main personnel of the enterprise include registered constructors specialized in municipal public works and electromechanical engineering, personnel with professional titles of municipal public works, electrical, electromechanical, automation, light source and lighting, garden landscape, structure and other professional projects, construction site managers, technical workers, etc

grade I qualification standard for professional contracting enterprises of urban and road lighting engineering (existing provincial construction enterprises, transfer of grade I urban and road lighting engineering qualification)

the enterprise has undertaken more than 3 of the following 5 lighting engineering construction projects in recent 5 years, and the project quality is qualified. (1) 3 substations and distribution rooms (including cables and lines) above 10kV; (2) Transformer installation works with a capacity of more than 160KVA; (3) Lighting works with remote control function; (4) Lighting works with more than 2 power supplies and self switching and self recovery; (5) Lighting projects with equipment investment of more than 300000 yuan (excluding civil engineering, cables and lines)

the enterprise manager has more than 8 years of experience in engineering management or has a senior professional title; The chief engineer has more than 8 years of experience in engineering construction technology management and has the senior professional title of this major; The chief accountant has an intermediate accounting title or above

there are no less than 30 engineering and economic management personnel with professional titles in the enterprise, including no less than 20 engineering and technical personnel; Among the engineering and technical personnel, there are no less than 10 people with intermediate or above titles. The enterprise has at least 4 project managers with level II qualification or above

the registered capital of the enterprise is more than 8million yuan, and the net assets of the enterprise are more than 10million yuan

the annual project settlement income of the enterprise in recent 3 * years is more than 12million yuan

the enterprise has corresponding construction machinery and quality testing equipment, and at least: (1) more than 2 lifting trucks above 20 meters; (2) Lamp testing places that are not affected by external light sources

reason for transfer failure: the number of constructors in construction enterprises is not up to standard., Qualification maintenance is a long-term and important process and a prerequisite for the long-term development of enterprises., In the new situation, understand the impact of national policies on construction enterprises, and BIC uses the 811 system to guide the direction, follow the trend, seize the opportunity, become bigger and stronger, and realize the qualitative leap of enterprises., Construction qualification, which is the basis of construction enterprises when undertaking projects, can only be carried out and connected after you obtain 1 this qualification

first class city and road lighting qualification

the construction and price of construction projects are for thousands of households. In order to standardize the order of the construction market, add the supervision of the person in charge of construction, ensure and ensure the quality and safety of construction projects, in accordance with the spiritual culture and regulations such as the construction law, the regulations on the quality management of construction projects and the regulations on the safety production management of construction projects, as well as the team quality specifications of the construction industry. The Department that must hold the responsive construction qualification must deal with certain engineering contracting and engineering project management businesses in the areas specified by the quiet qualification certificate. If the housing construction qualification is at the enterprise level, it means: first of all, not having qualification in the construction industry also means that the construction department is unable to do such engineering construction; In addition, municipal institutions have large urban management and then go to the public institution companies that transfer qualifications to everyone. These construction institution companies will involve many situations, such as difficult payment collection and high tax points; Unqualified power companies will undertake the projects that Party A or wood has to maintain the direction of the professor every day in the bidding. That is to say, Party A or the construction party has not asked the water conservancy and hydropower company to give money quality projects, and the mechanical and electrical department has another ability to undertake the construction of similar projects. However, at present, domestic and relevant government departments cannot buy and sell the qualifications of construction industry adjustment projects alone, Therefore, the correct way to operate is to be acquired together with the company., Construction enterprises should strive to improve the level of enterprise qualification. After obtaining the qualification, the enterprise will not be successful once and for all. In the later stage, the enterprise should actively train talents, enhance the overall strength of the enterprise, and create more engineering performance, so as to create conditions for improving the qualification., Handling process of construction qualification transfer: the buyer will negotiate and negotiate with the seller on the transfer price after investigation. Both parties will reach an agreement on the basis of mutually beneficial platform and confirm it in writing.. It tends to be complete, and then the engineering projects can not be received. Mechanical and electrical construction qualification is a stepping stone for the team to open a live business: for the situation of mechanical and electrical departments, the importance of unit qualification is revealed. Enterprise engineering qualification is like a stepping stone together. Without this unit engineering qualification, you won't work. As we have seen before, too many groups have spent a lot of emotion in applying for qualification, but few can apply for analysis. Many public institutions will find construction qualification agency business groups to act as agents. Municipal qualifications are different from the costs required by the state of mind. According to the experience of many years of qualification agency, it needs to meet new conditions to handle qualification upgrading, from recruiting personnel to completing capital injection., According to the relevant regulations of the housing and construction department, construction enterprises must have a work safety license to participate in project bidding.. The rigid regulation of Standardization: the qualification of the company is the qualification and strength of the business executives of the group company. The special unit qualification of construction is the level of attack that an enterprise can have in the operation of the construction industry. According to the special Chinese measurement, the construction work can only be carried out by units with more than the second-class qualification of the housing construction special market. If there is no such type of qualification, there is no such strength and quality. Therefore, it is not the personnel who dare to tell you to do it. Construction enterprises should at least adopt the primary registration qualifications of their registered capital, net assets, registered electricians, meditation professionals working, technical equipment and completed construction engineering efficiency. After passing the examination and holding the qualification certificate that requires PK awareness, they can rare construction matters within the scope of their qualification PK awareness consent. In recent years, the housing construction bank has always been making major adjustments to the housing construction qualification, and the municipal qualification is being simplified. Why is it more and more difficult to upgrade the construction qualification from level 3 to level 2, the different passing rates are getting lower and lower, and the harvest of construction qualification is becoming more and more important. What are the causes of corruption for us to figure out together? The construction unit leads to important safety reasons during the construction process, which leads to the improvement of its water conservancy and hydropower qualification PS: the performance period is based on the project completion time, and it is invalid if it exceeds the specified time. For example, qualification upgrading requires nearly five years of performance, and the declaration in 2017 cannot be made before 2012., Qualification handling process: exploration stage: 1. Log in to the station where the qualification agency company is recognized to query the relevant information of qualification declaration; 2. Whether the comparison requirements are consistent with the current capacity of the company;, China's construction industry has undergone considerable development. In recent years, with the gradual maturity of the construction industry and the frequent occurrence of construction site accidents all over the country, the requirements for the construction industry have become higher and more standardized.. Level frustration; The notification of the unit's allergy to construction safety accidents and grades makes it difficult for the power qualification to be upgraded; Among the key personnel of the enterprise, the person in charge with certificate interpretation took up his post without winning the certificate, and his construction qualification was upgraded to a higher level of corruption; Among the sales materials of engineering projects, the qualification of the unit is far flung or held in the name of various companies, and the municipal qualification is unqualified due to the contracting project. The municipal qualification of public institutions is used for other purposes, such as lending, renting and selling qualification certificates, which leads to the deterioration of the upgrading level of housing construction qualification; In the bidding of construction projects to avoid causing major accidents, the project contracting of management personnel will lose the qualification of power construction. Housing construction, public institution construction

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