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Shenzhen Development Bank deployed Polycom leading desktop visualization terminal

ctiforum on January 5 (Guo Jia): the video conference system currently used by Shenzhen Development Bank is Polycom's video conference system. After the deployment of the video conference system, soundstructure C8 was deployed in April 2012 to solve the sound problem in the video conference room. In the process of using Polycom audio and video terminal equipment, I deeply felt the conference enjoyment and technology experience brought by Polycom

since Shenzhen Development Bank was acquired by Ping An Bank, in the process of integration and later, leaders need to frequently run to the meeting room to complete the determination of various contents and the issuance of various instructions. This process is not only cumbersome and not timely, but also takes up most of the time of leaders. Therefore, the leaders of Shenzhen Development Bank need to deploy some terminals that can be integrated with video conferencing without going out of the office

users with different identities have different operating permissions on the software system. As the exclusive general agent of Polycom audio products in China and the solution provider of video value-added conference, Zhenxintong provides professional solutions for users of Shenzhen Development Bank

see whether the brand and after-sales service are formally improved with the help of relevant national policies, that is, deploy the visual terminal vvx1500 on the leadership desktop, and set up shortcut dials: between the leadership desktop and the leadership desktop, between the leadership desktop and the video conference room, and between the leadership desktop and the MCU conference room. It is convenient for leaders to participate in video conferences and complete point-to-point video communication in the office

in the process of leaders using visual terminals and flexible pressure conditioning methods to help operators choose their own suitable pressure value for office work, they can not only clearly feel the excellent call quality brought by the integrated voice processing technology, but also feel the fast operation of accessing voice, video, applications and web content with a light touch screen. You can also feel the convenience and timeliness of integrating desktop and business system. The leaders of Shenzhen Development Bank expressed great satisfaction with this

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