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Shenzhen mingdiao decoration: the 1035 program released by epoxy resin zhutianping in 2016 clearly supports the high-end material industry

Shenzhen mingdiao decoration: epoxy resin zhutianping

May 19, 2006

mingdiao decoration company, a famous enterprise in Shenzhen residential decoration industry, in order to ensure project quality and protect the high-quality decoration rights and interests of consumers, A few days ago, we were the first to get the deformation of the sample and launched the "eight quality commitments". The wooden ceiling ceiling project is guaranteed by the use of epoxy resin, which was rarely used in the civil industry before

mingdiao's eight quality commitments include company image, operation specifications, construction technology, etc. The ceiling project of wood ceiling involving epoxy resin is as follows: as long as it is in contact with the wall and ceiling surface, the keel must be fixed with expansion screws, and when sealing the plate, the vertical plate and bottom plate must have a layer of 5mm plywood and a layer of 3mm plywood to avoid large loss caused by loose fasteners; The gaps between the wooden ceiling and the wooden background shall be pointed with epoxy resin first; After that, the yarn is bonded with epoxy resin; Then paste kraft paper with white emulsion glue, and the nail head on the surface must be coated with antirust paint

direct use of epoxy resin in residential decoration was rare in the past. Experts from China Epoxy Resin Industry Association said that the current situation shows that with the improvement of environmental protection requirements and living standards, epoxy resin will enter thousands of households in many ways; The accuracy of the experimental force must be regularly verified by the measurement unit recognized by the national authority, and the assurance project commitment has not been seen in the use of clear code "quality" for epoxy resin, which is very happy for the industry

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