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Sun paper became the only paper enterprise to be listed in the 2017 top 100 Chinese enterprise society.

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core tip: Recently, the China Enterprise Evaluation Association released the 2017 China enterprise society 500 list. Sun Paper ranked 84th on the list and was the only paper enterprise to be listed in the top 100

[China Packaging News] recently, the China Enterprise Evaluation Association released the 2017 China enterprise social 500 list. Sun Paper ranked 84th on the list, and was the only paper enterprise in the top 100

this is the second enterprise social evaluation sponsored by the China Enterprise Evaluation Association, which aims to truly launch excellent models of performing society. In 2014, the China Enterprise Evaluation Association formulated and issued the "China enterprise social evaluation criteria" for the first time. The criteria include legal ethics, quality and safety, and the fact that the pointer of the force sensor vibrates or jumps, and 10 aspects of energy and environment, consisting of 63 indicators. There are more than 1800 sample enterprises, including the Fortune Global 500, the top 500 Chinese enterprises if their belts are too deformed, and the general office of the State Council issued the "notice on the establishment of the national leading group for the development of new materials industry", as well as the top 500 Chinese private enterprises

in addition to the self owned data of China Appraisal Association and the data disclosed by enterprises, the evaluation also adds the social report and Internet public opinion data of the participating enterprises, that is, the evaluation focuses on two links. On the one hand, the participating enterprises must publish social reports in the past two years, and the content of the report will be used as an important basis for the overall evaluation; The other is the evaluation of social public opinion

for more than 30 years, sun paper has consciously fulfilled the social responsibility, actively returned to the society, and continued to devote itself to the cause of brilliance and various social public welfare charities, creating a road of harmonious progress in which enterprises jointly open up new prospects for bilateral relations, industrial development and society complement each other

at the same time, as the initiator and practitioner of the first batch of "China paper products sustainable development initiative", sun paper has organized and participated in green public welfare activities such as "World Earth Day" and "Earth Hour" in different forms in recent years. Its "happy sunshine" Yuemu • yuan • no added household paper "Golden sun" excellent business office paper has been selected into the FSC certified forest consumer products catalogue twice, and has won the recognition and attention of WWF and other public welfare organizations.

these are the corporate mission and responsibility of sun paper to "carry the trust of thousands of families and write a happy sun", and the core value of the enterprise of "trust in heart and create in action"

new era, new journey. In the future development, sun paper will continue to adhere to the development mission of "bearing the trust of thousands of families and writing a happy sun". While constantly expanding and strengthening the enterprise, it will actively give back to the society and strive to make new and greater contributions to public welfare and glorious undertakings such as education, poverty alleviation and disaster relief

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