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Sun paper 'environmental assessment meeting' was held in Laos

it is reported that recently, the reply meeting of Sun Paper Holdings Laos Co., Ltd. - pulp mill environmental assessment report in sepen County, Savannakhet Province, Laos, was successfully held in the conference room of Savannakhet provincial government, Laos

the meeting was attended by taweng, director of the environmental protection department of the Lao national water resources and Environment Agency, the Deputy Secretary of the government of Savannakhet Province, the Ministry of agriculture and forestry, the Ministry of industry and commerce, the Ministry of mining, the Ministry of health, etc., the heads of relevant departments, and two national experts and two Finnish experts specially hired by the Lao national environmental assessment agency. The meeting was presided over by sopan, deputy governor of Savannakhet Province, and delivered an opening speech. At the meeting, after the end of the Laos limited experiment, the curve company can be redeployed - chenwenjun, deputy general manager, made a joint discussion on the overall situation of the plant and the technology of the pulp plant, as well as the overall situation of the environmental and social aspects of the location of the proposed plant and the surrounding areas. He made a statement on the technological innovation and reform trend of plastics in the automotive field. Jianghongmei, deputy director of the environmental protection department of the head office, also made a technical speech on the treatment and application of pulp mill wastewater. Mr. Ma Luomai, an environmental protection expert of CAA caneng Co., Ltd., made a detailed exposition on the impact on the environment and society after the pulp and paper plant was put into production, and introduced the management plan and follow-up inspection of the environmental and social impact to the delegates. Peng tawei, head of the central environmental and social impact assessment mission of Laos,

well-known Canadian environmental protection experts and members of the assessment mission, in response to the statements and reports of our company and CAA caneng Co., Ltd., put forward many problems and opinions on the site selection and construction of the plant and after it was put into operation, asking our company to explain. Dr. Wang Shaoguang, general manager of Laos Vietnam Co., Ltd., and Mr. maroume and Mr. Peter, experts of cancan Co., Ltd., made professional and wonderful replies to the questions raised by the assessment team one by one, and individual difficult questions were demonstrated with pictures and texts. The leaders and experts of all departments participating in the meeting made a lot of detailed investigations on the focus and difficult issues of environmental protection in our company in the early stage, and gave a high evaluation on our company's cost and excellent professional defense. In particular, our company's sense of environmental protection in the whole society has won high praise from puntawi, head of the Lao environmental and social impact assessment mission

after a day of intense and busy consultations, the conference achieved the expected results and came to a successful conclusion

this time, the pulp was widely praised by teachers and students in Colleges and universities. The successful holding of the reply meeting of the plant environmental assessment report won the attention of government departments at all levels in Laos, and accelerated the investment and construction speed of the head office in the Laos pulp plant project

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