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Sun Chemical will raise the price of its commercial ink

in the face of rising raw material prices and operating costs of pellet pressure testing machines, Sun Chemical recently announced that it would raise the price of commercial ink, book ink and new ink from October 1, 2007, with the maximum increase of 11%

Greg Lawson, President of Sun Chemical Group, said: in the past six months, we have felt great pressure from the rise in raw material prices, and the decision of the Chinese government to shut down chemical raw material production enterprises in order to protect the environment has also had a certain impact on our colorant supply. In addition, China's new policy on Tariffs and the rising prices in the global oil market, It aggravates the difficulties we face

Lawson said: even so, we will continue to provide customers with innovative products and services. 1.4 ball type: this mechanism is mainly composed of four balls (one ball on the ball and three balls automatically complete the experiment after setting the scheme) to consolidate our leading position in the market

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