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Sun Chemical signed an exclusive distribution contract with Nantong Shangjing Metal Pigment Co., Ltd.

on November 15, 2007, Sun Chemical Co., Ltd. signed an exclusive distribution contract with China Nantong Shangdang Metal Pigment Co., Ltd., which is a leading enterprise in China's aluminum pigment production and manufacturing industry. This contract stipulates that Sun Chemical Company can exclusively distribute the pigment products of Nantong Shangjing company in the coating and image printing industry with the brand-new sunmetrics worldwide

this contract will expand the product portfolio of special functional pigments of sunchem, including aluminum pigments produced in the style of cornflakes and silver elements. This aluminum pigment can provide special metal protection functions for advanced products, such as the dyeing process of cars, bicycles, laptops, mobile, cosmetics, canned food and beverages, and other industrial and commercial products

the contract signed with Nantong Shangjing company is of great significance. Because this not only enables us to better increase the variety of products to serve our customers, but also urges us to develop more pigment products with unique functions for our customers in the future. Martha Davies, global product manager of Sun Chemical Company, said

Nantong Shangjing company specializes in producing and selling aluminum pigments and paste pigments. The production base is located in Nantong City, Jiangsu Province, and the annual output of aluminum pigments and paste pigments can reach 2500 tons. These pigments are mostly used for automation and the replacement of sensors of different sizes according to the actual test strength, as well as the coloring production of cosmetics industry and commercial products. The company has an office in Shanghai, specializing in the research, development and sales of aluminum pigments

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