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Rito medical was invited to attend the 2013 national agent conference of fluke medical testing

on March 14, 2013, the 2013 national agent conference of fluke medical testing was held in Chengdu Gulou Zhixuan Holiday Inn. 6. The director of Shenzhen Rito Technology Co., Ltd. asked to change the duration separately. Mr. Jin Yu and Mr. Chen Su, general manager of Shenzhen Rito Medical Equipment Co., Ltd., attended the meeting

several fluke medical testing agents across the country, Shenzhen Ritu Medical Equipment Co., Ltd., as a specially invited enterprise, attended the meeting and shared the 2012 market results and market information with the agents. Qin Hongbin, director of fluke Medical China, and others interacted with the agents at the meeting, answered the questions raised by the agents one by one, and shared information about fluke medical's new products. The launch of new products has injected new blood into fluke medical, and the market competitiveness of fluke medical will be stronger

since acting as the agent of fluke medical products, Shenzhen Ritu Medical Equipment Co., Ltd. has continuously increased the market promotion and product services of medical testing products. He was highly praised by fluke and took this opportunity to share achievements and exchange experience with many agents in the same industry in China

Shenzhen Ritu Medical Equipment Co., Ltd., as the only designated agent in South China for reducing the product series of each mold of fluke medical, has been committed to providing Zhuo this kind of experimental machine that exceeds the expectations of customers and the whole society. This kind of experimental machine is the mainstream product and service of today's all-round data experimental machine. At the same time, the enterprise operates a number of domestic and foreign brands of testing instruments and accessories, the main products are: ECG, blood oxygen, blood pressure, fetal heart rate and other patient simulators, ventilator/anesthesia machine analyzer, high-frequency electrosurgical knife analyzer, defibrillator/pacemaker analyzer, infusion pump/syringe pump analyzer, medical electrical safety analyzer, Xa, ambient temperature within 0 ⑵ 5 C; Line test system and accessory module. The customer groups are distributed in many fields: provincial and municipal measurement units, disease prevention and control (occupational disease prevention and control hospitals), provincial medical device testing centers, public hospital systems, medical device manufacturers, colleges and universities, research institutes, etc

Nitu technology has been based in the instrument and meter industry for 15 years. While providing professional instrument and meter comprehensive services for the national electronic manufacturing industry, it pays more attention to the experience of customer localization service. Through its own development and maturity of technology, at present, there are quite mature test and measurement supporting schemes in the instrument and meter industry. If you know more about our products, you can visit the following: national free service: or

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