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Sun Chemical launched a new type of infrared safety ink

Sun Chemical recently launched a new generation of infrared safety ink SunGuard Apollo to help brand owners fight against increasingly rampant fake and shoddy products due to the limited service life of rubber fatigue testing machines. 2 Cantilever beam: 3.5m/s

sunguard Apollo ink is designed for commercial and packaging printers who want to provide customers with truly effective and affordable security solutions. This ink adopts IR responsive pigment, which can be used not only in ink, but also as transparent varnish

infrared safety inks are far less common than UV fluorescent inks, and they will never be used in innovative applications

as a brand protection solution, infrared safety ink is a powerful weapon to protect packages, labels and documents from counterfeit and shoddy products. If UV fluorescent ink has been used in live parts, infrared safety ink can be used without any change and offline online support

sunguard Apollo ink enables printing houses to provide customers with a safer product without affecting the current style, design or color of live parts

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