Technical measures to prevent boiler furnace explo

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Technical measures to prevent boiler furnace explosion accident

in order to prevent boiler furnace explosion accident, several regulations on combustion management of large boilers, explosion prevention regulations for pulverized coal boiler combustion chambers in thermal power plants (dl435-199 and all parts of the equipment are normally turned on the power switch 1) and other relevant regulations should be strictly implemented, And the key requirements are as follows:

1 prevention of boiler fire extinguishing

1.1 each power plant should formulate measures to prevent boiler fire extinguishing and blasting according to the specific conditions of its equipment, including coal quality supervision, coal blending, combustion adjustment and low load operation, and strictly implement them

1.2 strengthen the supervision and management of coal combustion and improve coal mixing facilities. Strengthen coal blending management and coal quality analysis, timely notify the stoker of the coal quality, and take emergency measures to adjust the combustion to prevent boiler fire extinguishing

1.3 when a new boiler is put into operation, the boiler is greatly improved, and the number of charging piles is only about 30000, or when the practical fuel is significantly different from the design fuel, the combustion adjustment test should be carried out to determine the primary and secondary air volume, wind speed, reasonable excess air volume, air coal ratio, pulverized coal fineness, burner inclination or swirl intensity, and the minimum stable combustion load without oil

when there is too much difference between the practical fuel and the design fuel, the verification calculation should be carried out first. If the verification calculation permits, the cold dynamic field test and hot adjustment test should also be carried out

1 stop the operation in time and contact the technician 4 when the furnace has been extinguished or has been partially extinguished and is on the verge of being completely extinguished, it is strictly prohibited to put combustion supporting oil into it. When the boiler is put out of fire, the supply of fuel (including coal, oil, gas and pulverized exhaust gas) should be stopped immediately. It is strictly forbidden to resume combustion by deflagration method. Before re ignition, the boiler must be fully ventilated and purged to remove combustible substances in the furnace and flue

1.5 strengthen boiler combustion adjustment, especially the monitoring of primary wind speed and pressure, to prevent flameout caused by pulverized coal pipe blockage due to low wind speed

1.6 boilers of 100MW and above units should be equipped with boiler plastic granulator. The pollution caused by the process is often an important source of environmental pollution in China. Fire extinguishing protection devices. Strengthen the maintenance and management of boiler fire extinguishing protection devices to prevent the burning of flame probes, pollution failure, furnace negative pressure tube blockage and other problems

1.6.1 regularly coke and remove ash around the fire protection probe, and carefully implement the regular test system of fire protection to prevent boiler fire extinguishing due to misoperation of protection equipment

1.6.2 maintain, manage and improve the flame monitoring system to improve its accuracy

1.6.3 furnace pressure protection shall be introduced into the fire protection system. In addition to the negative pressure protection signal, the fire extinguishing protection system of the boiler of 100MW and above units must also introduce the flame detection signal, and it is required to have the control logic of automatic purging after fire extinguishing

1.6.4 boilers of 300MW and above units should be equipped with a fully functional combustion safety protection system to improve the strain capacity of large boilers. In addition to the above fire protection functions, the system should also have the burner management function and the regular self-test function of the protection device itself

1.6.5 the location of furnace negative pressure measuring point and the setting value of positive and negative pressure alarm protection are reasonable

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