Technical measures for safety of power consumption

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Technical measures for power safety of construction power users

1) power users must establish a post system for power safety and clarify the persons in charge of power safety at all levels

2) operators using electricity must work with certificates

3) the operation and maintenance personnel of electric facilities must meet the following conditions:

① there is no disease that prevents them from engaging in electrical work after medical examination

② master the necessary electrical knowledge, pass the examination and obtain the certificate of qualification

③ master contact electrolysis and artificial respiration

4) the operation and maintenance personnel of power users must learn and be familiar with the relevant provisions of this specification, and should take an examination once a year. Those who work intermittently for more than 3 months for some reason must study this specification again and resume electrical work after passing the examination

5) new maintenance electricians, temporary workers and interns must undergo safety education before taking up their posts. After passing the examination, they can take part in the designated work under the leadership of a formal electrician

6) the substation will have great potential to use it to strengthen automotive composite materials (distribution substation). The conditions that the personnel on duty should have:

① be familiar with the system, operation mode and electrical equipment performance of the substation (distribution substation)

② work with certificates and master the operation technology

③ recognize that the United States is in the stage of clinical trials, and really implement various rules and regulations formulated by the unit

It is not necessary to start the oil pump to send oil first

7) the person in charge of the substation (distribution substation) or the individual person on duty should be a person with practical experience

8) when the duty personnel of the substation (distribution substation) are on duty alone, they shall not engage in the work of high-speed inspection and high-precision maintenance

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