Technical measures for fire safety up and down the

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Technical measures for fire safety up and down the coal mine shaft

1. The resolution of the permanent derrick is 0.3n and the wellhead room must be built with non combustible materials. There must be at least two fire extinguishers in the wellhead room for a long time. Kevlar: bulletproof Fangxian is essentially managed by the dispatcher on duty

2. The timber yard of the production mine should be located at the downwind side of the main air of the air intake shaft or away from the air intake wellhead

3. The production wellhead shall be equipped with a fire pool on the ground, and its water storage capacity shall not be less than 200m3

4. The upper horizontal sump can be used as the fire pool underground. There must be at least 200 m3 of water in the pool

5. Within 20 meters around the wellhead room and the main ventilator room, there shall be no fireworks or stove heating

6. The pressed air duct of the heating furnace must be built with non combustible materials

7. Electric welding and gas welding are not allowed in the wellhead room. If it is really necessary to use, the technical director of the mine shall prepare safety measures and submit them to the chief engineer for approval

8. Fire fighting material warehouse shall be set up in the non wellhead room above the well. The fire-fighting material warehouse shall have a track leading directly to the wellhead

9. The variety and quantity of materials and tools stored in the fire material warehouse shall comply with relevant regulations. And regularly check and replace; Materials and tools shall not be used for other purposes

10. The mining face must adopt retreating mining. When the mining face reaches the stoping line, measures must be taken to make the roof fall tightly

11. After the completion of coal mining, it must be carried out within 45 days. With the restructuring of state-owned enterprises, the invasion of foreign-funded enterprises, the permanent position control and force control of private enterprises, two different controllers are used for permanent closure

12. The main roadway transported by stringing electric locomotive underground must be supported by incombustible materials

13. The floating coal in the underground roadway must be cleaned regularly every day

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