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Technical measures for installation of wet ball mill

the ball mill should be installed on a solid concrete foundation that will become a new function with a market sales of 72.3 billion yen (3.8 billion yuan) in 2014. For the foundation design and construction of the ball mill, please refer to the general assembly drawing and foundation drawing of the ball mill. In order to ensure that the position accuracy of all parts of the ball mill does not change greatly during use, the foundation of the ball mill should adopt the block structure that makes the sample subject to impact load

after the compressive strength of the concrete foundation reaches more than 75%, a ball mill can be installed on it. Before installation, the quality of the foundation shall be inspected. It is required that the concrete has no defects that affect the strength, the number and position of reserved holes meet the requirements, and the reserved holes are free of sundries, ponding and oil stains. When the "ground wire method" is adopted for installation, the "central standard plate" shall be embedded on the upper surface of the foundation. Before installation, draw all center lines on the foundation and make eye-catching punch marks on the "center mark plate" as the centerline reference during installation

before hoisting, the ball mill shall be fully checked and accepted, and the problems found shall be handled in time

1. Refer to the assembly drawing of main bearing components for specific requirements of main bearing

2. Refer to the assembly drawing of the rotating part for the cylinder part

3. Refer to the assembly drawing of the transmission part for the transmission part

4. Refer to the general assembly drawing for the overall relative position

General requirements for the installation of wet ball mill:

1. Installation of main machine:

the axis of the main machine of the mill should be horizontal, measured at the top of the large flange of the hollow shaft at both ends, and the height should be consistent. If there is an error, the feed end is allowed to be 1mm higher than the discharge end From the bearing seat gland of the hollow shaft at both ends, the gap between the hollow shaft and the bearing gland should be basically the same, and the gap between the inner and outer glands should be basically the same

2. Installation of transmission part:

the installation of transmission part can be carried out only after the level of the host is adjusted. First, check the assembly quality of the transmission part, mainly check the concentricity of the pinion shaft and the low-speed shaft of the reducer, check the concentricity of the high-speed shaft of the reducer and the motor shaft, and make necessary adjustments and fastening

take the main gear as the benchmark, install and adjust the transmission part. Make the tooth width of the pinion more uniform than the width of both sides of the tooth surface of the big gear. Make the tooth surface of the pinion parallel to the tooth surface of the big gear, and leave a minimum clearance of 0.25mm at the tooth side (about a layer of hard box cigarette packaging paper). From the contact marks of the gears, the contact marks should account for more than 60% of the total length, and the height of the contact marks accounts for about 40% of the total height

if the contact trace is inclined to one end of the tooth surface width, it indicates that the tooth carbon nano development has been uneven for many years. If the driving big gear is squeezed around, it means that the gear clearance is too small, and the small gear should be a little away from the big gear

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